#Mastodon has an annoying problem. I mean, it's not a bug. it's working as intended. but in annoying way.

so when people boost/favourite your toot, you get a notification for it. a separate notification for every single action affecting your post. one of my posts has 158 boosts and 114 favourites. this means 272 notifications. sure, fine to know my post is interesting. but can't the notifications be grouped into a one notification, like on the most of social services?
Twitter is a good example.


@rnickson you can pick if you recieve or not notifs for your toots boosted/faved

@baerd I want to receive these notifications to know when my posts go viral. but I don't want to get my notifications completely filled with it. something like "T. Degurechaff, Albedo and 2135 others boosted your toot" would be completely enough, and not as spammy as 2137 boost notifications.

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