C'est la vie, my country is governed by an incomplete bag of tools.

I hate how this is looking...

I'm hard as nails, tougher than jerky, I have lived through just WAY too many traumas to actually get scared by much at all...
but the one single thing that actually terrifies me:
knowing something nobody else does when I die. Hence, I became an educator of sorts.

Blessed be the storytellers, telling tales of woe, of horrors and of nightmares that we hope to never know
We tell the tales of happiness, of boundless isles of joy, and we can only hope they are not taken as a ploy

Anarchist? More like Anarchissable *mwah* why are Anarchists so cute? 🤔

(this is not to say that the FTC shouldn't be criticized for some pretty corrupt lookin' behavior, just that we have them for a reason, and that reason is keeping people from wearing mercury purple underwear and paris green pants while chugging mystery soda)

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this isn't some game with normal stakes between two teams, the coach shot the other coach and blamed it on the players

don't get mad at the god damn referee, y'all. Yes there are issues with bureaucracy, but it's a hell of a lot better than chaos

mmm, chaos

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the internet
is a part
of the
so if
you are
reacting to
that only
of the
greed of
and their impulse
to pass on the
blame while
by get
ting mad
at the public
your eyes
are off
the prize

'Carlson clarified his remarks and explained that he was joking when he said he was rooting for Russia'

“Earlier in the show, I noted that I was rooting for Russia in the contest between Russia and Ukraine, and of course I’m joking,” said Carlson. “I’m only rooting for America.”

Tucker, you didn't even try, you nationalist piece of filth. Not supporting our allies is legit some busted shit. Go fuck yourself, Tucker.

Hidden in the background of The Washington Examiner:




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I ran across an article from credible bastion "washington examiner" about tucker carlson, so I had to dive in on that.

'During a heated exchange, Carlson questioned why the United States should care about Ukraine at all.'

“Why do I care what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia?” Carlson asked. “I’m serious. Why do I care? And why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Because I am.”

Bonjour! I do not speak french, unfortunately, though I'm open to learning!
I'm hard of hearing
I have fibro
I have a bayonet
And some good hair, sometimes
I personally love my aesthetic, I think it works well
I talk a lot, so I'm grateful for the longer post allowance lol
oh shoot. also, I have ADHD
Here's a link to a video so you can even know who this dapper lass is!
"Arguments For Capitalism (Are Mostly Bull****)"

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