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New account, time for an .

I'm a white guy, more or less living at the top of Privilege Mountain, trying to learn to dismantle and undermine that privilege.

Things I'm into:

Things I'm (interested in?) learning about:

• And all the stuff above, naturally.

This is, of course, incomplete. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Continuing :

In 2018 (at 36), I realized my sexuality wasn't as straightforward (or straight) as I'd previously thought. It's more complicated because of course it is, but I generally consider myself bi/pan :heart_pansexual:.

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Sometimes government projects are slow because of bureaucracy. Sometimes because of exacting thoroughness and caution. Sometimes because of their incredible scope.

Sometimes commercial projects are fast because of organizational efficiency. Sometimes because of corner-cutting and from the exclusion of accessibility. Sometimes because all "inconvenient" and unprofitable users are cut out of the service entirely.

It can rarely if ever be reduced to trim versus bloat. What are the particulars of that project you love or hate? How would someone with less privilege experience that service? Can they access that service at all? Would you want to be reliant on commerical services if you suddenly lacked access to your funds? You're one stolen wallet and phone away from that state, never mind bankruptcy from medical tragedy. What looks like a waste of money to you may be a life raft that's saving someone else.

So in 1453 the Ottoman empire conquered Constantinople. They decided they wanted to rename the city away from it's Catholic origins, but unsatified with just a military conquest they decided to put that up to a competition as well. A vote of every person in the city would be taken to decide which farm animal was better: the bovines or the goats. If the goats won, then the city would remain Constantinople. Otherwise, the Ottomans would change the city's name. (cont)

Had nightmare-induced insomnia last night. So that's fun.

Hope everyone else it doin' OK.

I recently encountered a new type of virtue signaling -- able bodied people yelling about how prioritizing bicycling in building road infrastructure is ableist

I believe this here is a problem of them not understanding conflicts of needs and also that you can build roads safe for bicycles that doesn't mean 'fuck all cars'

But really it just seems like ppl who love cars and want to pretend like they care about disabled ppl.

Im disabled n bike cause I cant drive dont explain this to me.

It's #AmazonPrimeDay! If you're looking for a comic that scrapes out the disgusting grease trap of tech-driven hypercapitalism AND doesn't cost a cent to read, check out my series CROSSED WIRES at!

The Knight had always been kind, as a rule - it wasn't an easy rule; in fact, it was one of the hardest.

It didn't help that 'kindness' didn't seem to mean the same thing everywhere and had a multitude of ways it could be carried out.

But then one of her many good deeds had gained her a follower, a ward - a small dragon, still soft and flameless.

This often shocked folks, but she'd answer, half to herself, "Do as little harm as possible."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

captain kirk: the kind of captain you want on the frontier, he may not always make the best choice but if you have to send someone to make choices that will effect a civilization when they have limited contact with that civilization kirk is your guy.

picard: the captain you send to keep or create the peace, even when it seems impossible he will find a way to peace that doesn't comprise your core.

sisko: straight up, the captain you send to end a war.

janeway. the captain caught in way above her head and finds a way to adapt.

archer. for people who don't get what made kirk an enduring character

And also was patently not true, given the treatment of indigenous peoples by the (in-fiction) modern governments. Let alone the white-washing that came in from the real-world culture.

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Thinking about Shadowrun for some reason and just realized that when the books said, “There’s not a lot of reason to worry about someone’s skin color when the guy down the subway car might have tusks,” what they meant was that all non-goblinized humans had been admitted into whiteness so as to still be able to effectively other orcs and trolls.

🎶Fighting crime,
Trying to same the world,
Here they come just in time:
The Powerpuff Girls! 🎶

Dwayne “The Rock” starring Sean Connery and Nick Cage.

Tall people problems: when you go stay somewhere new and the _bottom_ of shower head aligns with your nose.

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