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New account, time for an .

I'm a white guy, more or less living at the top of Privilege Mountain, trying to learn to dismantle and undermine that privilege.

Things I'm into:

Things I'm (interested in?) learning about:

• And all the stuff above, naturally.

This is, of course, incomplete. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Continuing :

In 2018 (at 36), I realized my sexuality wasn't as straightforward (or straight) as I'd previously thought. It's more complicated because of course it is, but I generally consider myself bi/pan :heart_pansexual:.

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And then somehow we were thinking about, like, what would be a LOWER tech cottagecore and it's obviously "meadowcore". Now you've moved entirely outside and are just living in a meadow. It's like trying to make extreme paleo stuff seem cute and quaint.

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My coworker and I were testing this by inventing new -wave and -core words. And, like, "naturewave" is clearly very chill electronic music that heavily samples waves and wind-through-trees and frog song and shit.

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And, like, -wave also means something. Like, a new musical genre with -wave is some kind of electronic thing to me. Which is weird because AFAIK the original -wave genre was New Wave, which isn't particularly beep-boopy.

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This morning I have become obsessed with the semantics of the -wave and -core suffixes for, like, genres of music or ✨aesthetics✨ or whatever.

Like... -core implies some level of badassness to me (borrowed from "hardcore", I guess, where "hard" is doing all of that semantic work), which makes "cottagecore" a pleasantly amusing word.

"Well, mostly it is shitposting, so... the continuity is a bit muddled."

THERAPIST: your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset.

As of today, I have been a father for a _decade_, which us fuckin’ wild.

Anyway, the 9yo is now the 10yo.

We bought this filing cabinet thing and haven’t put it together yet. And every time I look at it—… Like, this us a word for people who can’t bring themselves to say “vagina”, right?

if you need a roomie in the Portland area in september i am cool and i only have 3 build a bears

HBomberGuy is setting up a grant fund for BIPOC and/or queer artists in comics/animation/video games

I finished reading a book with the 6yo and asked, “OK. You ready to go to bed?”

They just looked at me for a second and then farted SO LOUDLY. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It was hilarious, though.

@benhamill for everything, turn turn turn, there is an international day, turn turn turn 🎶

TIL that today is the International Day of Friendship. Maybe tomorrow is the International Day of Enmity?

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