@benhamill good morning. what are u looking to get up to today?

@091719 Heya. 馃憢馃徎 Gotta help the 8yo finish out a few school assignments and get them turned in. And keep the 5yo entertained enough not to burn down the house. 馃槣 Proooobably won鈥檛 get a ton of work done, but today is an 鈥渆arly release鈥 day anyway, so that was always gonna be less. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔 Maybe in the afternoon I can play some video games or read or something.

What about you?

@benhamill i spent the last twelve hours either sleeping a bunch or working on moving from one apartment to another. everything is as it is now tho so im really happy that i have everything unpacked and ready to go for the next few months here at this place.

i saw the words "video games" and got interested. what have u been playing?

@091719 Glad you're getting settled. I hate moving and it's always such a relief when it's over. I hope you can get some rest.

I've been playing Chasm on the PS4. It's a metroidvania, I guess? It's pretty good. Also restarted the first Pillars of Eternity in the hopes that I'll get more into it a second time. I fell off pretty earlier initially some years ago now.

@091719 But I didn't end up playing video games. We watched Princess Mononoke with the kids over dinner and I spent a bunch of time thinking about kobolds. Which is also fun.

@benhamill aww! princess mononoke is a really high quality ghibli film. my personal favorite would have to be kiki's delivery service since that's also my favorite film in general. which ghibli films do u enjoy the most?

@091719 We watched Kiki just last week. I liked it a lot. I think Spirited Away is probably my favorite of theirs. But Kiki is a close second for sure.

@benhamill yea! spirited away is really fun the first few times. love the soundtrack to that film especially. which ghibli films have you seen?

@091719 Let's see鈥
鈥 Spirited Away (several times)
鈥 My Neighbor Totoro (also several times)
鈥 Castle in the Sky (once, long ago)
鈥 Kiki's Delivery Service (only recently)
鈥 Howl's Moving Castle (a few times)
鈥 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (a few times)
鈥 Princess Mononoke (only recently)

@091719 For a long time, we owned only Totoro and recently got all the others above on Bluray. We haven't watched Castle in the Sky with the kids yet and only the 8yo has seen Spirited Away (we went to a screening in a theater when they were, I think, 5). So those are slated for movie nights soonish.

@benhamill castle in the sky is a really fun film. ive seen every ghibli movie up until spirited away at least and ive definitely seen howl's moving castle. there are a lot of really good and underrated films in the ghibli catalog. especially whisper of the heart.

@091719 Cool. I'll have to look into that one, then. There's a bunch of them that I have never really seen talked about but seem to be on shelves often like Ponyo. 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔

@benhamill ponyo is really wild. really cute too but definitely smth i can say was fascinating to look at. porco rosso is pretty fun too. there's another one directed by isao takahata which has a distinct visual style abt a family of four or five but i cant remember the name of it.

oh yeah, also only yesterday!! its v good.

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