I can't be assed to find my original thread, so here's an orphaned post. I added a section about where and how kobolds live: gist.github.com/benhamill/1395

Speaking of kobolds: What are folks' opinions about ears on kobolds? My first impulse was to be in a no-ear camp (like a Komodo Dragon or a Green Anole. But I see a bunch of pictures where they have ear-like things, whether they look like ears or more like horns or fish fins… So I thought I'd ask.

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More ! I added a section about kobold relations with Big People. tl;dr: not great. gist.github.com/benhamill/1395

Now I gotta write the section about their relations with Dragons (and Big People's assumptions about that relationship) and then I'll have written everything that I currently plan to about kobolds.

I'm open to suggestions of topics I haven't covered. And also feedback both on content and copy. Or just reactions.

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OK. The section on dragons is complete: gist.github.com/benhamill/1395 This needs many editing passes and whatever, but there it is.

As previously stated, any feedback, takes, suggestions, reactions or whatever are welcome.

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Why have I written so many words about kobolds? I blame migraines, insomnia and @BestGirlGrace.

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it's 5211 words (as counted by wc), y'all! I never would have suspected I'd write that many words about kobolds. I guess we're all full of surprises.

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I shared my kobold document with my roleplaying group, naturally, and am getting a lot of great ideas from one of them in particular. He asked, “How hilarious is it when a kobold has to go somewhere really cold and they have to wear like four coats and figure out how to fit their feet into boots and they just look like a big ball of clothing and fall over and get stuck?” The answer, obviously, is “Very.”

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God. My friend gave me all these awesome ideas about eggs and gestation and how they might involve/be involved in cultural rituals and some of the relationship stuff. I'm so nerded out by this again. If anyone (me) thought kobolds were out of my system, they were wrong. Now I have to write more about biology, gestation, development and culture! I'mma need more subheadings.

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OK. Fuck subheadings. I'm gonna need more documents. Time to move this to a real git repo. I don't feel like I want a full-on wiki (yet?!?!?), but this need more organization, I think.

OK. New home for My Kobold Ideas™: github.com/benhamill/wending-w I haven't restructured the document in any way yet, but that's next. Then I'll probably use pull requests to organize my changes and feedback from anyone interested.

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My friend suggested that if I get this polished up a certain amount (which I totally intend to do anyway) I might should figure out how to get it into some remote tabletop software markets as pay-what-you-like or something. If anyone knows about that, I'd be curious to hear your experience.

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Also! I am well pleased with the name Wending Warrens. It could be very kobold-centric. It could be more general. It has a bit of whimsy. A bit of darkness implied. And it’s alliterative. And an oblique D&D reference without being the exact Noun & Noun format.

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I have reorganized some stuff. Namely, I dumped most stuff into a file. The relations between kobolds and non-kobold cultures needed the least reworking, so I just went ahead and did it. The other two sections need more significant change, so I'mma leave that for tomorrow. It's late. github.com/benhamill/wending-w

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The re-arranging is more complicated than I expected, so I'm doing it in stages. Tonight, I mostly reformatted and rearranged the kobold biology document with very little expansion. Then I made it a pull request and made a bunch of notes about expansions I have in mind. github.com/benhamill/wending-w

If you have an account there and have ideas, go ahead and leave a comment. More later.

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Continuing to expand the kobold biology document: github.com/benhamill/wending-w Still much to add, but I need to learn a little more about nutrition to answer the questions my friend posed to me. Luckily, I think he knows what I need to know to answer them.

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Tonight I added stuff about vision, hearing, taste and smell. They can see ultaviolet light! And smell pheromones! I had previously given them a dewlap, but didn't mention it specifically. It changes color based on strong emotions! Kobolds!

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I can't decide if kobolds live exclusively, mainly or even rarely in caves or not. I feel like it is sort of traditional, but there's a bunch of follow-on stuff that I don't super love about it. I like the idea of caves, but I think they should be hunters and how common are caves, anyway… caves big enough to fit whole communities, at least? I just—what if they lived in forests? What if they climbed trees and built yurts or something?

I'm seeking external opinions to inspire me.

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Tonight I wrote more about kobolds. I know this is shocking. Mostly it was stuff about fertilization and gestation of eggs. github.com/benhamill/wending-w Next I want to add some more about adolescence and stuff. And then I think I'll be ready to call this rejigger done. There may be future rejiggers, but after a few more edit passes and rereads to make sure I'm not missing more, I think I'll move onto the sociology doc a similarly rejigger and expand it.

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There's now 6645 words about kobolds. The biology doc is just over 2300 words after rejigger and expansion and the sociology is just over 3000 words _prior_ to being rejiggered and expanded. So I wouldn't be shocked if this ended up being 9-10k words about kobolds??? This seems so absurd to me, but I love it.

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@benhamill "I have never, I'm pretty sure, read any official write-up of what a kobold is."
I guess that depends on whether you consider #Kobolds and #Goblins two distinct species, or just their name in different languages (at least according to annotations for #TerryPratchett's #Discworld novel #TheFifthElephant: «Kobold is a German word usually translated as "goblin." It also gives the English language the metal name Cobalt. […] another mine-dwelling supernatural entity is called a nickel.»)

@benhamill I enjoyed reading Pratchett's descriptions of #Goblin culture (especially surrounding their religion of #Unggue, which "is based around the belief that everything that was once part of your body is always part of your body, and thus, it must be buried with you after death"), so I hope the kiddo will give me some time to read yours about the #Kobold. :D

@benhamill "Also like canines, they typically only have four toes on their legs and pads where they touch the ground."
Since you describe the toes being on their legs rather than feet, does this mean they don't have anything you'd call feet or paws?
Though I did see in the description of hatching you referred to them "hand and foot claws"?

@FiXato Yeah. With digitigrade feet, it’s weird. Because human feet go from toes to heel, but dog feet are really just the toes. So I was trying to describe that a bit. Like the “bottom” of a dog’s foot is more like… the ball of a human foot? Bones are weird.

@benhamill figured as much, but as it did make me scratch my head a bit, I figured I'd at least bring it up. :)

From your description, I do think these #Kobolds are sufficiently different from Pratchett's #Goblins. :) I look forward to exploring the other documents in the repo. :))

@HalfNoteInterval Hah! The taking-things-literally-for-humorous-effect tables have TURNED! 😜 I deserve this.

@benhamill I went on vacation in the Ozarks a few times. Super old limestone “mountain” area. Lots of caves, but a lot of them are more like the Mesa Verde area where the cave is eroded into a cliff face by a stream flowing past. That gives a great path from subterranean caves, to more surface caves, to maybe portable “caves” they take with them. Plus those narrow, steep sided valleys cry out for mysterious creatures and remote villages.

@benhamill Systems of caves could make for interconnected homes & communal spaces. If they expanded & mined those spaces they could make whole cities, though that may be a bit dwarflike. In fact, if you have other subterranean dwellers like dwarves this could make for interesting conflicts/exchanges. But yeah, they could have moved out and expanded, I don't see anything wrong with them living in and adapting to other places.

@benhamill perhaps in soil-rich areas you would find burrows

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