a fun fact

every time you dart your eyes around, not only does your brain automatically erase the data of "that smeared blur i saw for a moment", it also takes what you see when your eyes stop moving and retroactively inserts it as a memory for that moment. that's why if you look at your watch, it seems to take longer for the second hand to tick the first time

human senses are garbage

if you watch a video where the sound is slightly delayed behind the picture, your brain will basically fix it in post. if you watch a video where the picture is slightly delayed behind the sound, your brain will freak the fuck out

if you set up a computer program to listen for a keystroke, delay for a short amount of time, and then flash the screen, a human that presses the keys will eventually stop perceiving that delay

then if you remove the delay, the human will believe that the computer is anticipating their keystrokes

human senses are garbage

@monorail Imagine one of those, like, “writer’s text editor” that’s marketed as bringing focus and helping you get your ideas out without a lot of frills that had that keystroke delay thing built in and cut it off after being the in-focus app for… however long.

@monorail Like… It gains focus and keystroke delay is 0. The delay slowly ramps so that you don’t notice, but resets as soon as you switch focus or if you haven’t typed for, say, 10 minutes. After the delay gets to whatever level matters, it sits there for a bit so the human is acclimated, then cuts it off.


@monorail So that the experience feels like you start typing and if you stay in it the editor starts anticipating your thoughts and it’s all so effortless.

I want to use this as an experiment. I want to experience this thing.

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