I have constructed this amazing monstrosity to act as a camera rig for the 8yo’s 9th birthday party so that the kids can play Code Names over video conference.

Birthday success! Kids had fun. Cupcakes were eaten. As of today the 8yo is not the 9yo. 🎉

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@benhamill That's amazing! I might even mimic that to play paper board games with our friends online.

@foureyedsoul Indeed. It’s kinda rickety, so it’s probably not great for keeping up all the time or whatever. But if you needed it, something similar you could make it better.

We picked Code Names because it’s not competitive and there’s not piece movement. Especially for kids, we thought verbally asking someone else to move a piece to the right spot would be too much. Maybe with adults it’s less of a problem.


A good friend of mine once said that necessity can be a real mother.

Nice solution.

@benhamill this is a wonderful thing thank you for the content lmao

@benhamill Reminds me of Eye of Judgment for the PS3. It was a real-world TCG that used the PlayStation Eye for Yu-Gi-Oh! style battles. Went over like a lead balloon. XD

@benhamill this is rad! I love the vibes, feels like it might take over your whole home at any moment :D might want to swap out that "nighttime underwear" box. Kids from my youth would have been RUTHLESS about that

@yomimono Oh that box doesn’t show in the frame. It’ll be a secret. But that’s a great call-out.

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