@tessaracht Haha. As I just mentioned to @ljwrites, I hadn鈥檛 seen the video until after making my first post. And I was surprised at how bad it was. Then we watched I Want it That Way and Bye Bye Bye (which I feel compelled to disclaim I realize is N*SYNC) and those videos were worse.

@benhamill @ljwrites oh yeah it's a classic terrible 90s boy band video. I tend to always include it in halloween video lineups. love it. 馃榿

@benhamill @tessaracht look it was the late 90s/early 00s, boybands with terrible music videos were the aesthetic 馃憤

@ljwrites @tessaracht I had kind of come around to thinking I could get into them and that past me was just douchy and afraid to like things other people would mock. But then I watched those videos and remembered that I was in a ska band, so鈥 I may have been douchy, but those videos were objectively awful.

@benhamill @ljwrites oh yeah like boy bands aren't *good*, they're just nostalgic. haha

@tessaracht @ljwrites HOWEVER, Justin Timberlake is a treasure and has a voice like and angel.

@tessaracht @ljwrites Or anyway, if I was afraid of liking things that people would make fun of me about, I did an _abyssmal_ job of modifying my behavior in response to that fear, so鈥

@benhamill yeah katie and i watched the Suit and Tie video the other night just for kicks and it's still such a good song like fuck justin how you gonna do us like this?

@benhamill not the new Thriller we wanted, but perhaps the one we deserved

@ljwrites I had never seen the music video until 10 minutes ago, after I made this post because I realized the 5yo knew Several Timez, but not The Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC, so we did a quick YouTube music history lesson. The music videos were all _awful!_

There is a glee episode where two people are feuding and they do a nsync backstreet boy mashup, wayyy better than either song!

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