I see a lot of undescribed screenshots boosted lately. Text in pictures is the most inaccessible, rude thing. I'm so tired.

Please take the time to type the text as a response and boost it as well, if you have the ability and feel the message is worth your time. If you don't think it's important enough to reach ALL your followers, why is it important enough to reach those who happen to have the ability to read it (while hurting others)? Maybe just don't share it? And / or tell the original author of the toot to add a description themselves if they can.

I know and I understand not everyone can do it all the time (I find it hard sometimes too), but most of the time it's just ignorant and rude, if you ask me.



LB: If I see an awesome post with a cool image and no description, I most often just don't boost that. If you want me to boost your awesome post, it needs an image description. Consider that the description can also be awesome. It needs to be functional, but doesn't need to be _purely_ functional. You can have a bit of fun and personality. Describe your images. Please.

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