I am deep into “capitalism drives terrible software” feels right now.

10 very experienced engineers in this meeting face-planting into the idea that being profitable FORCES compromises against user experience and the nominal benefits our software is supposed to render to humans.

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@benhamill "being profitable"? I would have probablymaybe agreed if they had said "maximize profits", but "being profitable" at all?? hello??

@benhamill Maybe I misunderstood myself 😅 You were saying that a bunch of people argued that there is a compromise/tension between a company being profitable and the software of that company being user-friendly (to simplify a bit), right?

I'm saying that it sounds absurd to me (which is what you think, yes?), although I might agree that there is tension between maximizing profits and maximizing user-friendly (ie. you cannot maximize both at the same time).

@estebanm Yeah, no. I am asserting that, because profits come (in part) from extracting value from users/customers in one way or another, that doing that never benefits the user/customer. It would always be better for the user if they got whatever benefit for free, without ads, without upsells, etc. And that including those things in your app, you are always, fundamentally detracting from the user experience and the benefit that your software is meant to give to a user.

@estebanm And the meeting was a bunch of engineers trying to engineer our way around that tension, but it's not something you can engineer around because… el problema es el capitalismo.

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