Was musing in the shower this morning about how leftist words and phrases have been co-opted by TED-a-like capitalist tech-deifying talking heads in order to sell technological solutions to non-technological problems.

And wondered if we might do the reverse and steal their tone and pacing to sell leftist ideas to the same audience. The, like, concerned, earnest, calm-voiced white man.


"I want to describe to you a _radical_ … _revolutionary_ idea… One that will allow us to harness all the power of humanity to face civilization's most pressing problems: Wealth inequality, the climate crisis, racism, sexism… It will require a bold rethinking of how our society is organized and what things we value. It will disrupt the currently dominant forces in computing, social media, manufacturing, food, service… even the defense and criminal justice industries!"

Just to be clear: This is a shitpost, not a tactical suggestion. I'm trying to have a chuckle about how easy it is to arrange these words in such a way that means nothing or anything. And sort of lament that several of them have been leeched entirely of their impact in this way.

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@starkatt I'm also dismayingly good at arranging the word-like components of corpspeak into sentences that seem, also, to appear to mean things, maybe. Or nothing!

@benhamill it's late, and I've been having trouble parsing stuff like this when I've been wide awake the past few days.

But also, sometimes I'm just curious what the results would be.

@benhamill the sad thing is, I've had to get so fluent in capitalist that this almost sounds like something that a capitalist would unironically say while asking other, more rich, capitalists for additional venture funding.

@lucianlutrae Yeah. Exactly. It’s the intro for a series A funding round presentation or a TED talk about how we should just listen to each other more or an exhortation to socialism. It’s vacuous.

@benhamill I mean, just write it as an article. And see if you can get it published anywhere.

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