The 6yo often wants to play a game where we take turns adding onto a story. Tonight they started off with “Once upon a time there was a non-binary fox person,” and then pitched it to me. Eventually, it turned out that ze’s also a famous pop star. We had to “put a bookmark” after establishing the conflict, which is that one of the backup singer/dancers is supposed to have a special solo part, but is shy and has stage fright. Next time, we’ll address it.

I wrote a bunch if it down and the 6yo did some artwork of the story. There were a lot if details about zir outfit and stuff, so there’s plenty of material to work with.

It was great practice with these pronouns for both of us, TBH.

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I think it came up because the kids have been watching me play Ikenfell and it has at least two NB characters (one uses he/him and one ze/zir).

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I would say I _often_ reflect that my 6yo would fit in well here in many ways. I think the 9yo would, too, but in an incredibly different way. The 6yo’s personality is kind if at 11 all the time and the 9yo’s is more understated. Which is not to say they both don’t bounce off the walls. Its not about energy level.

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