Overhearing the Kindergarten teacher read a book about a hispanic family that includes a smattering of Spanish words. And she makes it sound like “low sientoe” and, like, at the risk of a sort of intelectual or educational elitism… it really gets me when white people fearlessly mispronounce Spanish. Like… we live in Texas? This is a common language here. Please learn a bit about how to read it. Especially given that the pronunciation rules are _so easy_ compared to English! Bleh.

@benhamill Some people just don't seem to have the ability to distinguish the phonemes in foreign languages from their native one(s).

I knew a girl named Dawn when we were both teenagers and after four years of French, she was still pronouncing "dans" like "dance" instead of... like her name.

It took me 3-4 years after I took a semester of conversational Mandarin to figure out what was going on with ʂ and ç even though they're in Japanese (which I'd taken before that).

@kissmeagainarthas Yeah. There are some physical, neurological things there, too. I _may_ just be grumpy today.

(Narrator: He was certainly grumpy that day).

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