It is snowing. I live in Central Texas in part to avoid this shit. I want a refund. I demand to speak to a manager. 😜


I tried to post a video, but it keeps failing to upload. Here’s a still instead.

That's a lot of snow for Texas! I'm in Illinois..... No snow. 🤷

@Big_Diggity @almn76 0 snow is normal. It snows here _at all_ every, like, 3-4 years. I bet this is a record for the last ~40 years.

@benhamill @Big_Diggity

Spanish news say that the snow storm this week led to the worst snowfalls after more than 50 years.

I'm german ... and these heavy snowfalls are quite "normal" in Germany.

If you are not familiar with Europe - here is a map:

@almn76 @benhamill I'm familiar with the geography of Europe, just not familiar with the climate. I'd love to tour Europe sometime in the next 5 years. My family came to the US from Germany in the late 1800s. I'd love to visit that area and try to imagine what I'd be like if I grew up there.

@Big_Diggity @benhamill

It depends on the region.

In Valencia (east coast) it almost doesn't snow at all.

In northern and central Spain, especially in the mountains and the central plateau, there is some snowfall every year, mostly in January and February.

@Big_Diggity @benhamill

Surprisingly no snow in Illinois 😉 Normally this is the most affected region by winter snow storms as I remember the TV news ...

@almn76 @benhamill Illinois does usually have snow right now. We have been fortunate so far, but they are projecting 0 degrees temperatures either next week or the week after

@Big_Diggity @benhamill

I guess, a little but snow isn't a problem, but sometimes there is a heavy snow (how they call it in the US?) "blast", coming from Canada. Stay safe! ✌️

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