Good morning, gentles all. 🌇

Today, the 6yo is throwing a giant fit because I won’t cut the apple they want to eat into slices. “Why was I even alive???” they ask meaning, “Why was I even born?” Indeed, is life worth living if your parents don’t want to wash a cutting board and knife every time you look at an apple and you have to just take bites if it? Surely not. 🙄

@benhamill HONESTLY

I'm with the kiddo on this. Apples taste better when slices.

But also, I cannot count how many times I've injured myself trying to slice some tasty apple.

But also also, it just made the apple more delicious.

@guerrillarain If the kid wants to slice their own apples, and wash the dishes and do their own first aid, I’m not gonna stop them.

@guerrillarain Like, I agree that slices are great. But throwing an enormous fit over getting only 90% of exactly what you want is… whew.

@guerrillarain @benhamill

Life hack: cut the apple into quarters, then, instead of cutting around the core, just cut out the cores in one diagonal slice. Optional step: eat the bits of apple still attached to the core chunks.

Ta-da: low-effort sliced apples.

This blew my mind when I saw it.

@suetanvil @benhamill

Additional life hack: Train 6 year old in knives and first aid--

wait no.

@suetanvil @guerrillarain Yeah. They’re on the schedule for… eventually.

However, this is how I slice apples. You can also do Roma tomatoes this way, too. It’s the cleaning if the knife I actually begrudge.

@suetanvil @guerrillarain @benhamill My preference is to just start eating the apple from the blossom end, spit out the seeds as I go through the core, and finally toss the stem.

This tends to upset people for some reason.

@varx @suetanvil @guerrillarain Do you also spit out the bottom part where the blossom used to be? What about the translucent, thin, tough material in the core _near_ the seeds that is murder between your teeth?

@benhamill I don't notice the blossom-end stuff.

The hard stuff around the seeds is only a problem in a couple varieties with a drier core, and I avoid it in those. I can't remember which.

@benhamill Oh hey, our 5-almost-6-year-old has just started pulling this nonsense too.

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