I have an intense emotional connection to The Little Prince. I won’t go into it all and can’t even explain it all to myself, but it’s connected to my parents and my childhood. I own two different English translations (one with audio read by Viggo Mortensen), an English comic adaptation and a version in Spanish (or Catalan, I forget which).

Tonight we watched the recentish animated movie based on the story. It was cute and I cried less than I expected (it is easy to make myself cry if I think about The Little Prince too much). Then I showed my kids my books and told them a bit about why it’s a big deal to me.

Before bed, the 6yo drew the eponymous Prince on his asteroid with his Rose and some things. And then asked me to read them the book.

I just—am very much in my feelings right now and I can’t even name them. But they’re almost overwhelming. Like walking outside at mid-day after being in a long movie at the theater.

I kind of just want to hug everyone and be hugged by everyone and cry and laugh and sing and… yeah.


This is the 6yo’s Little Prince drawing. 💖💖💖

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