I have found this to be a really great relationship tool and maybe you will find it useful as well: “I have no strong opinion but can generate one if that would be helpful.”

@benhamill Another one we use around here is "I need you to narrow this down to two or three choices for me"

@benhamill I love this. It's so good for like dinner options in this household.

@bright_helpings That is precisely the situation I had used it in that inspired this post!

@benhamill I'll put that one in my library.

In return, when someone is ranting or upset about something, a useful response is:

"Do you want me to try to help you fix this?? Or do you just want a (cuddle|cuppa|sympathy|walk)?"

@benhamill @ColinTheMathmo My version of this for people who are okay with swearing is "Is this a 'fix it' or 'fuck it' conversation?"
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