parenting is hard 

Parenting is weird. Had a particularly rough afternoon/evening with the 6yo. Just, like, 0 listening and no awareness of the context of the family, which is no less hard for how perfectly developmentally appropriate it is.

Bed time culminated in a giant fit so my wife took the 6yo to bed and I went with the 9yo. Had a bit of a cry, then, because I was so tired emotionally and physically and all I wanted was to read The Hobbit to my kids.

parenting is nice sometimes, too 

The 9yo was then so kind and sweet, "Are you OK?" "I'm not doing so great right now, honestly." "Do you want a hug?" "That would be wonderful, thanks."

After a short cuddle, we resumed normal bed time and they read me a bunch of "would you rather" things out of a joke book.

So... both sides.

re: parenting is nice sometimes, too 

@benhamill *offers an e-hug too.

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