Do I know anyone (I suspect at least one) who knows much about non-Western story structures? Especially related to story organization? I recently saw a thing talking about the 3-act structure that talked about its origin in ancient Greek plays and it made me wonder about traditions that weren’t (so) influenced by Greece back then.

@benhamill how much is “much”? I know some, but I wouldn’t count myself as an expert. I know quite a lot about dramaturgy and dramaturgical models (which is basically how to build stories), though.

@lilletale "Much" is, like, a very low bar. So, like, many US educational institutions treat the 3-act structure as if it is inherent to human stories, like a natural law. But it originates in ancient Greek theory about plays and looking at ancient Greek plays. So I wondered if other cultures had arrived at similar places or wildly different.

@benhamill If you're looking for examples of non Western story structures, you could watch some Studio Ghibli films. My cousin Totoro or Howl's moving castle for example. I don't know the theory, but it's pretty clear these films don't follow the expected Western story structures.

@loveisanalogue @benhamill Some years past I read a little about the Japanese (or Asian more generally?) four-act story structure, which is possibly what these Ghibli films use.ōten

@benhamill The 3-act maybe has its origins in classic Greece (as many other things), but the 3-act storytelling that has monopolized Hollywood (and Hollywood-influenced) cinema for the last decades is basically a very recent thing, and its major influence is this book:

You'll find a various set of different storytelling structures both in Western and non-Western literature or cinema.

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