A wonderment: Do others use words like “how’re” and “I’d’ve” in regular writing? Or is that idiosyncratic to me?


The best contraction, by the way, is “y’all’d’ve”. Which, when I say that to other Texans and get a quizzical look, I just say, “Oh, y’all’d’ve loved it,” and they’re like, “Oh. Yeah. Obviously.”

Realized that I think the “correct” spelling of the possessive second person plural pronoun is “y’alls” (rather than “y’all’s”) in parallel with “his”, “hers”, “its”, “theirs”, etc.

@benhamill I would assume it would be short for "you all dove", as in

"You see what happen when that bomb fell? y'all'd've!"

@The_T Hah! But that’s not generally how contractions work in English. The apostrophe indicates letters missing _and_ a word boundary.

Not sure if already obvious, but it’s: you + all + would + have.

@benhamill y'all'd've is a completely normal word, and I don't know why it would confused anyone.

It does annoy me that I can't swipe it on my keyboard, though.
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