Do I have any English-speaking followers who use a screen reader and would be willing to answer some accessibility questions about “special” characters?

@devinprater So, I’ve seen that extended things like that “cursive” thing or other decorative font-like things that are, I believe, meant to be used in math expressions ir something… those are real bad for screen readers.

What I’m not clear on is words with ü or í in them. Also interested how screen readers handle, say, Cyrillic letters or entirely other writing systems like Korean or Japanese. I’m not sure how to test on my own.

@benhamill The extended characters are fine. For other character sets, it depends on if the TTS engine has a voice in that language or not. If not, some skip it, and others read the characters out.

@devinprater @benhamill For example russian or chinese voices usually handle spelling and pronouncing of english very well.
TTS voices for latin based languages can only handle the languages they have been made for. So it's not appropriate to read german, italian, french, content with english voice and the other way round.sSpelling individual letters is working accross languages as these are the same.

@pvagner @devinprater Would an English voice be super annoying to read your later name @pvagner?

Context: I'm in a community that's trying to establish some norms around acceptable displaynames in terms of accessibilty. We're international, too, though, so it's reasonable that someone might have a name with diacritics or even want to have their name in, say, the Korean system. We're trying to figure out how to navigate that tension.

@benhamill @pvagner @devinprater It depends on the voice and software someone is using. For accented latin characters like in Peter's name, synthesizers will at worst just read it as an A. For other alphabets, russian/Korean/ETC synthesizers can usually read a latin alphabet, while going the other way it's more of a lottery. Apple platforms like iOS are the best and will switch to the appropriate language. On Windows and Android, the synthesizers and voices that come with them won't do it by default but third party ad-ons exist that can do it, no idea how commonly they're used. Also no idea about Linux. Sorry if this is too much information :)

@benhamill @pitermach @devinprater I think it's worth adding that all time screen reader users won't easily get anoyed by pronounciation inaccuracies. Occassional users or accessibility testers might find it more difficult.

@pvagner @pitermach @devinprater Yeah. A bigger deal would be if someone's displayname was either entirely elided or took forever to be read out, I think.

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