We watched Gunpowder Milkshake this evening. A weirdly bad movie. Like, it has a bunch of well-known women in it. But I kinda feel like they spent all their money on actor paychecks and fight scene effects, but didn’t hire a writer or fight choreographer. It felt weirdly made-for-tv, despite the names attached.

@benhamill It was VERY much about aesthetic and about showing off the names they signed.

Everything beyond those two ideas felt very "well, I guess we should...", very trope-y

@benhamill I'm happy that Karen Gillan and Lena Headey seemed to become fast friends working on it, but that's about all

@benhamill I checked the director/cowriter's credits on IMDB, and he only had a couple. All others several years old. I have no idea how this got budgeted.
Most egregious sin? Michelle Yeoh and Angela Basset not getting near enough asskicking time. (that and trying to Tarantino without the skills to pull it off)

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