Looking for recommendations for a news source with as many of these attributes as possible:
* Explicitly left-leaning
* Covers international & US domestic events.
* Not so left that every article is about how some incremental gains don't go far enough.
* Not high energy/emotionally intense (like, I have my own emotions to contend with without also having to parse the authors').
* A weekly roundup format?
* Able to link other people to it.
* Not every piece is 10,000 words long.



I like Le Monde Diplo and it ticks a lot of those boxes, but old articles require a subscription which is a problem for sharing and I don’t know if it has a weekly roundup. It’s monthly!

@susannah Well, if nothing else, these images for their subscription plans are super cute! 😜

@benhamill @susannah I love Monde Diplo but didn’t want to suggest it because the word count might be a problem. 😅

@kensanata @benhamill yeah, articles are long, but I like that! Slow down and get some context, you know? And the maps are brilliant. Also very good with tea and music on a weekend morning!

@benhamill wonkette has a focus on US politics and is fairly high energy but apart from that I'd say it fits your other requirements and is also reader funded

@benhamill What The Fuck Just Happened Today fulfills your needs for everything except that it's U.S.-focused. It's matter-of-fact, linkable and concise. It's published every few days and does a good job not adding sensationalizing or emotion, and it's the only news source I've found that is manageable with my level of anxiety.

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