The past tense of the verb "wing" should be "wung".

"I wasn't sure what key the song was in, so I just wung it and it turned out OK."

@benhamill I regret to inform you that this example made me realize that if we're paralleling other -ing words like "sing", "spring", "bring", "wring", then "wung" should be the past *participle*. Since your example is simple past tense, it would be..."wang" 😂😭

@benhamill Alternately, you could make a case for "wought" a la brought.

This also made me wonder if "wrought" is somehow derived from an alternate past tense of "wring" (it almost works!) but alas, it seems the two are not related.

@cincodenada You're looking for the verb "wright", I believe. As in a shipwright... someone who wrights ships.

@benhamill Well I'll be damned, so I am, I'd never made that connection before! Thanks!

And to think I was just reading about fossil words, which is when obsolete words get preserved in expressions or compounds like this. Neato!

@cincodenada I’m Ben Hamill and this has been _your_ Linguistics Minute.

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