Got a friend asking for gender-neutral words that might replace "sister" or "brother". They want something they could use in the context of talking to teachers or similar about their children, so not super jokey, but also "subling" strikes them as feeling pretty clinical. They cited "nibling" as feeling right tone-wise (but describing a different relationship, obviously). Children in question are teens.

What d'yall got by way of advice? :boosts_ok:

@benhamill sibling is the correct term. 'Sib' could be a reasonable contraction.

'Nest mate' could be used for some flair.

@benhamill personally, I love sibling. I use it all the time, it is used for me, and people understand what you're saying which is also a plus. I think it won't feel clinical once you start using it tbh.

Probably not as helpful as offering another suggestion, but if they struggle to find an alternative at least it might be reassuring to know it does become normal?

@benhamill I'm not really sure why sibling would be clinical ?
It reminds me of that video : x)

@benhamill Since there's no neutral word in French for brother or sister I asked my little brother to call me "sibling".
But since we're in France and it might seems weird to use English words out of the blue we agreed to shorten it to " Sib". Like that it just seems like a cool little nickname :)

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