@benhamill Mostly okay. Bit headachey at the mo, but I've also been trying to crack on with other stuff like sorting my Lego and preparing for a new job.

@Jo Ah. I hope your head gets better.

What's your storage situation look like? I've never cracked that one, so I currently have (for what's sorted, anyway) things in various-sized resealable plastic bags all dumped in big plastic tubs. I hate it, but I don't know what furniture or boxes or whatever to get instead.

@benhamill I've just been using kitchen tubs from Wilko, which come in 25-piece assortments. I've so far managed to use them to separated bricks, plates and wedges, with an aim to separating them by colour and size as well with the smaller tubs.

@Jo Ah interesting. Each tub being separate (as opposed to having internal dividers)?

@benhamill Yeah, I've tried tubs with dividers, and not had much luck with them because the dividers almost always pop out. :blobugh:

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