Deep Ben Lore: Before Kindergarten, I went exclusively by "Benjamin". Early in that year of school, we were learning to write our names and Young Ben was like, "Fuckin' EIGHT letters?!?! Hell no. I'm Ben now. Three letters for me, thanks. I don't have all damn day."

And so now I'm called Ben.

@benhamill I wonder just how much time you've cumulatively saved by shaving off those five letters. 🤔

@spencer Probably enough to make out for all the times I’ve spaced out randomly for an unknown amount of time in the middle of something important. Surely.


I'm a full "Michael" because every class was FULL of Michaels in my generation and every one of them was content to be a Mike Last-Initial.

If they're gonna zig, I'm gonna zag.

@signalstation Coulda been Mikey or Mick, I guess. But as “Benji” is right the fuck out, I understand those may have been unacceptable.


Right, I was lurching towards respectability and Mikey & Mick are far downslope, relatively.

My father, who hates his first name, has gone by "Van" for most of his life, just adopting the prefix of our family last name. Used to confuse the heck out of telemarketers.

@signalstation Haha! That’s delightful as well! Names! They can be so powerful and amazing.

@benhamill I'm Erin Bee because in grade one, there was Aaron A, Aaron G, Aaron S, and...Girl Erin. Fuck if I was going to have people call me Girl Erin all day. So I was proactive in introducing myself as Erin B.

@erinbee 😬 Feels like a solid life choice, tbh. Glad you could get out in front of that.

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