Learned today about (from @garbados). Seems rad. Sounds like they're trying to be what SSB is trying to be but without the blockchain albatross, which is nice.

One thing I wasn't able to quickly determine is whether there's a practical way to get my and my friend's phones to sync with each over just because we're standing nearby (as opposed to having to hit a button or whatever).

@garbados It's cool. It seems pretty incipient, so I expect the answer to a lot of questions is "not yet!".

@benhamill so i’ve learned a little more recently and it seems the answer is “no” because primarily peers sync via “replica servers” that act as both trackers and seeds. they do this over webrtc, whereas you’re probably looking for something where peers can find each other over local wifi or bluetooth, rather than needing to hit the bigger internet to find a coordinating server

@garbados Yeah. It looked to me like replica servers were sort of grafting the client/server relationship onto a p2p technology. Which is a bit of a pity.

I'd love to see more of these things be built with the idea of a mesh network in mind and then use DNS as a fallback, rather than the other way around.

@benhamill Ooh, interesting! Seems more document-oriented whereas I understand SSB to be more post-oriented, but the underlying functionality does seem pretty similar (with different approaches)

Seems like it also overlaps with SyncThing, which I finally got set up recently and has been great. It's more single-user oriented (but not exclusively so), this feels more sharing-oriented, there are fewer barriers to joining a share, and they are thus less secure (which seems a good tradeoff for this usecase!)

As for auto-syncing, I don't see a dedicated app, but I bet such an app could via bluetooth beaconing and such (or shared wifi).

I also imagine you could use Tasker or similar to run a command when you're within range of a given list of phones, which might be sufficient if you're running this via Termux or some such. That's assuming Android tho, cause that's what I know.

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