As I was getting out of the shower this morning, I heard a BANG and the 6yo saying, “AGAIN???” This is the third time in, like, 12 days. I’m convinced it’s the same fat, filthy bird and it wants to come hang out.

WELP. We own this old, green glass measuring cup. I often use it to heat water in for tea. Today, after pouring the hot water out, I went to rinse it and I guess it was hotter than normal or the water was colder than normal or something. It was too much and the glass shattered. I watched the crack grow across the glass. It was kinda cool except now I’m bummed because I liked this thing and it’s totally done now. 🙃

For their sixth birthday, my youngest got a flower playing kit thing (with paints and you can paint the signs and the metal planter thing). They’re so jazzed about it. Very excited about these little friends comin’ in. 🌱

It is Wednesday, my duden’ts. Eye contact.

Startin’ to look like the Wolf Man on the sides of my beard, there. Also, my phone suggests “my” and then “duden’ts” when I type “it is Wednesday”.

It’s chilly today in Austin, so I have engaged Bisexual Pants mode.

And here's the third story all structured out. One more floor to go (which is going to be basically identical to the second story) and then the roof. Then I'll go back in and design the insides more.

Oh. And I guess I need to figure out how I'm going to do the fire escape in the back. And do the landscaping front, back and top (I want greenery falling from a planter on the roof over the big glass windows on the right, there, all the way to the second floor).

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OK. OK. I figured it out. It was a bit weird at first because I wasn't sure how to get the differently-colored support plate to fit in nicely with the bricks of the back wall where it joins in. But then I realized I don't have to. I bumped the supports to be a stud further inward with respect to the balcony and now the project into the floor space of the interior. But that's fine: They'll be hidden under kitchen counters and shit eventually.

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I keep thinking, "OK. Now I can just input the rest into the program for a while because I've figured out all the weird stuff for a while until I get to the interior," and then I look at it all together and realize I forgot something important and have no idea how I'm support to work it in.

For instance, I forgot the 3rd floor needs to support the awning for the 2nd floor's balcony.

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Have I talked about my current project on here? I'm designing and then will build a 4-story modern architecture apartment building in the modular building style. It's only 2 units (each 2 floors) because that's how big the format is, but it's shaping up to be really neat, IMO.

I've got the bottom two floors designed, structurally. I'll need to go back to furnish and floor the interiors. Inspired (very roughly) by the right half of this set:

OK. I need some help. Look at these kobolds. See the things on the top of their heads that look kinda like, but are clearly not, ears or horns? In my giant kobold lore thing that I'm writing, I envision them as basically lekku (like from Star Wars). But I need a kobold name for them. I'm looking for inspiration on that name. This is what I wrote so far with a placeholder name:

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