This blanket says: TRANS RIGHTS. My wife made it for our friends’ daughter who is also friends with our eldest. I thought it turned out rad, so I wanted to come on here and brag on her.

Good, well, afternoon, gentles all. 👋🏻

We’ve been incubating chicken eggs and the first two hatched! We’re not keeping them, though. They’ll return to the ranch we got the eggs from late next week after we’ve had a few days to hang out with them.

This is insulated packing material, but Bryn has invented a rug.

Y’all like dogs? Bryn came home to live with us today. She’s four.

I feel a little bit bad about how rad this looks. These are fake succulents in these pots we just hung on the wall in my bedroom. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Pretty easy and a nice result.

A few weeks ago we had a half an onion that we didn’t use and then it went a little weird and sprouted in the fridge, so the kids buried it in the back yard. After the snow retreated in the last few days, we spotted this little shoot peeking out! Very exciting.

How does one know when an onion plant is… done? Like… do we just dig it up at some point or…?

Good morning, gentles all. 🌇

I got my new shoes in. This is one pair. They need to be broken in _badly_. I also got another pair, so prolly pictures of those tomorrow.

I tried to post a video, but it keeps failing to upload. Here’s a still instead.

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It is Wednesday, my duden’ts. Which my phone now suggets “my duden’ts” when I type “It is Wednesday”, which is fun. Eye contact.

My father and law got us this for Christmas. It sure is… chiaing. That’s the verb, right?

My youngest (6yo) asked me yesterday about my favorite animal and wanted to see pictures. Today, they delivered to me this “Christmas card” with a pangolin on. 😍😭

My wife has hatched a plan for Nightmare Before Christmas themed decorations for the outside of our house next year. She’s started construction already. Much of the stuff she’s bought off the shelf she’s heavily modified (like the tree top).

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