OK. I, like, just crowed about my 567-day streak, but, uh… I just kinda was doing my own thing and trying to maintain a streak and, uh, top 4%???? What. I guess if you do a think just a little each day you end up doing it a lot. Who knew! 😜

I need some help. Please boost. This looks to me like a Deadly Pattern with no resolution. But the hint tells me I should be able to resolve the 7 in box 5. I can’t see how/why. Any ideas?

Behold my knobby-ass wrist and very hairy arm. I bought this more than a year ago and it was hard to put on by myself, so I set it down and instantly forgot about it. Found it the other day and was like, “Oh yeah!” and decided to figure out how to tie a square knot one handed anyway. :heart_pansexual:

Good morning, gentles all. 🌇

I think it may be humid outside…

Finally assembled my drink cart. It’s been in the garage for more than a year waiting for me to make floor space for it. Tryin’ to class the joint up. (Image contains alcohol).

We bought this filing cabinet thing and haven’t put it together yet. And every time I look at it—… Like, this us a word for people who can’t bring themselves to say “vagina”, right?

This blanket says: TRANS RIGHTS. My wife made it for our friends’ daughter who is also friends with our eldest. I thought it turned out rad, so I wanted to come on here and brag on her.

Good, well, afternoon, gentles all. 👋🏻

We’ve been incubating chicken eggs and the first two hatched! We’re not keeping them, though. They’ll return to the ranch we got the eggs from late next week after we’ve had a few days to hang out with them.

This is insulated packing material, but Bryn has invented a rug.

Y’all like dogs? Bryn came home to live with us today. She’s four.

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