The 5yo made a pet park from Legos. There is a wall and a gate so the dogs don’t run out. And a lake for horses to drink and to play in. There is a trash can so it doesn’t get messy.

Camo pupdate: Keeping me company rather than my wife for some reason.

My little cilantro plant can’t decide if it is Feelin’ Bad or Doin’ Fine. I hope the y’all boi there means it is gonna turn around. It was quite sad when I bought it and it started off getting sadder and sadder for a while. I have never successfully grown herbs before, so…

Finished hanging thyme. Our neighbor had a _lot_ they were trying to get rid of (it went bananas and they needed to cut back), so here we are.

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I’ve been on for _a week_ and this is what happens.

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