Good morning, gentles all. 🌇

I got my new shoes in. This is one pair. They need to be broken in _badly_. I also got another pair, so prolly pictures of those tomorrow.

I tried to post a video, but it keeps failing to upload. Here’s a still instead.

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It is Wednesday, my duden’ts. Which my phone now suggets “my duden’ts” when I type “It is Wednesday”, which is fun. Eye contact.

My father and law got us this for Christmas. It sure is… chiaing. That’s the verb, right?

My youngest (6yo) asked me yesterday about my favorite animal and wanted to see pictures. Today, they delivered to me this “Christmas card” with a pangolin on. 😍😭

My wife has hatched a plan for Nightmare Before Christmas themed decorations for the outside of our house next year. She’s started construction already. Much of the stuff she’s bought off the shelf she’s heavily modified (like the tree top).

Thinkin’ about using this as my new profile picture. Since the current one is literally more than a decade old. My hope is that this is close enough to the current one not to confuse people too much. Need to add the :thaenkin: hand on there, though.


Grunkle Stan for Halloween (it was a family theme, but you only get to see me because consent).

As I was getting out of the shower this morning, I heard a BANG and the 6yo saying, “AGAIN???” This is the third time in, like, 12 days. I’m convinced it’s the same fat, filthy bird and it wants to come hang out.

WELP. We own this old, green glass measuring cup. I often use it to heat water in for tea. Today, after pouring the hot water out, I went to rinse it and I guess it was hotter than normal or the water was colder than normal or something. It was too much and the glass shattered. I watched the crack grow across the glass. It was kinda cool except now I’m bummed because I liked this thing and it’s totally done now. 🙃

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