I have constructed this amazing monstrosity to act as a camera rig for the 8yo’s 9th birthday party so that the kids can play Code Names over video conference.

I’m sure some of you are moth appreciators. This fluttery friend came to chill with me on my patio while I was in some meetings today.


Pizza dough rising in the fridge. Tomorrow we dine. Well, we lunch.

90 days in a row doing Spanish with Duolingo. I’m surprised at how much of it is not actually new to me. I decided not to try to test out if things so much of it is familiar already. Which is shocking given then _abyssmal_ grades I generally got in Spanish classes growing up.

I think a magical girl de-transformed in the corner of my living room and left all their shit.


Ice cream’s almost done! Chocolate with strawberries and mini marshmallows in. A bit overflowing compared to last time. Oops.

I have did a home haircut. Beard incoming. I was lazy for about a week and then my kids started lobbying for a Tenzin beard. I told them I’d let it grow in and see what happens. Eye contact.

The 5yo made a pet park from Legos. There is a wall and a gate so the dogs don’t run out. And a lake for horses to drink and to play in. There is a trash can so it doesn’t get messy.

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