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@BestGirlGrace @minty_da Is proficient in the electric boogaloo.

I think Earth is a really great place.
That’s saying something ‘cause I’ve been through outer space.

Look at how I'm winking, with both eyes at the same time. Quite unorthodox, don't you know.

@srol Either I am unfamiliar with your transcription method or you are unfamiliar with… *checks notes* Britain. 😜

god I knew Allison Parrish makes great things but I had never seen this talk and it's really, really great

take the time to watch it (there's also a transcript if you prefer that), it's really full of insight on "the hacker ethic"

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I think I spent too long in the sun. I took a nap and now I’m sitting on the sofa and drinking water, but I still feel super out of it and not great. Will continue water and sitting and I’m sure be fine. But I also wanna complain online, so…

a good thing is when dogs have smushy faces

@BestGirlGrace @Hi_cial @irisjaycomics Having seem every episode of Warehouse 13 when it was airing, it is fun bad. Very cheese. Plenty of heart. And it has Aaron Ashmore in it, who I like for this kind of TV a lot (he’s also in Killjoys and his twin brother was Iceman in the X-Men movies).


the solution, as always, is building solidarity in your community and helping people on the ground. no matter who wins the election, the tools and institutions and organizational structures we need to fight them will be the same.

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@arcans Solo español ahora. I previously did some Irish, but Spanish is more useful in my day to day and also I’m more likely to be able to practice it.

@benhamill Yes! Jorf is way too casual to be wearing that friggin' uniform top. He totally needs a tie-dye T-shirt!

I just want an image of Jorf wearing a tie-dye tshirt that says “it is a good day to dye”. Somehow I was unable to find such on the internet.

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