@rigatonimonster Yeah. I think that one is a reasonable tattoo. It’s less of a meme tattoo and more of a comic tattoo, anyway.

@irisjaycomics @Runner "Also we'll get that guy in trouble if he ever goes into a shop and buys a Gameboy to learn what it is. Even though the job is literally understanding muggle things like Gameboys."

I have very dark brown bookshelves in my office at home. They shelves are just a _little_ shiny. I am really charmed by the way they faintly and blurrily reflect the bottom of each spine. The different colors and sometimes publisher logos mirrored darkly below the actual book.

It's very pleasant.

@cincodenada Spotify is a grey area. Honestly, the only thing upsetting about it to me is that it's someone making money because of something they own, rather than (in addition to?) something they do. I would _greatly_ prefer if, say, the Library of Congress ran a music streaming platform that was funded through taxes.

@cincodenada Office 365 is _especially_ bad because it (theoretically) locks away things you made using the tool from you after you subscribe. So you lose access to something YOU created, not just something they lent you.

I think the transit thing is different from Spotify because you're not renting the buses. You're paying for a trip, which is a consumable like a cup of coffee or too much chard. No one's taking the trip back.


Wordle 220 4/6


Cool. Yeah.

when swearing takes all your concentration, that's a 


@nisima @glitter People told me, “Memorize your music first, then the marching charts. We’re just going to practice the music.” It never worked. They only go together. Can’t memorize the music without the charts (actually doing it with my body) or the charts without the music.

@glitter "I cannot memorize things. I need the first principles so I can derive the thing." Means I'm sometimes slower at stuff than other people, but also can handle it when things go off the beaten path. Or when I lose a conversational thread and have to replay the whole thing to figure out where I was going with this story. Heh.

I talk about fatness and how fat people are made unwelcome in public spaces both socially and physically.

It's a deeply personal post.

🌼 The Right to Take Up Space: victoriacorva.xyz/2022/01/25/t

Ah. I have had a realization: Subscriptions are only bad when they're actually rental. Like... if you subscribe to a magazine and then cancel, they don't repossess the magazines. Do, like, that's not part of "everything as a service". I hindsight, this seems more obvious.

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Elsewhere, complaining about subscriptions for things and "everything as a service" and whatall... If I buy a transit pass... is that a subscription? If not, why not? If I pay a local coffee shop on the first of the month at a discount for my regular coffee every monrning is that a subscription?

@ellotheth Honestly, that does make me feel a bit better. Thanks. I hope they and you have a wonderful day.

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