@ljwrites Eventually the splash pad turned on. And there was much rejoicing.

@ljwrites Mentioned this elsewhere and realized the cli tool for dealing with friendzip files is obviously called hug.

The Knight had always been kind, as a rule - it wasn't an easy rule; in fact, it was one of the hardest.

It didn't help that 'kindness' didn't seem to mean the same thing everywhere and had a multitude of ways it could be carried out.

But then one of her many good deeds had gained her a follower, a ward - a small dragon, still soft and flameless.

This often shocked folks, but she'd answer, half to herself, "Do as little harm as possible."

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captain kirk: the kind of captain you want on the frontier, he may not always make the best choice but if you have to send someone to make choices that will effect a civilization when they have limited contact with that civilization kirk is your guy.

picard: the captain you send to keep or create the peace, even when it seems impossible he will find a way to peace that doesn't comprise your core.

sisko: straight up, the captain you send to end a war.

janeway. the captain caught in way above her head and finds a way to adapt.

archer. for people who don't get what made kirk an enduring character

And also was patently not true, given the treatment of indigenous peoples by the (in-fiction) modern governments. Let alone the white-washing that came in from the real-world culture.

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Thinking about Shadowrun for some reason and just realized that when the books said, “There’s not a lot of reason to worry about someone’s skin color when the guy down the subway car might have tusks,” what they meant was that all non-goblinized humans had been admitted into whiteness so as to still be able to effectively other orcs and trolls.

🎶Fighting crime,
Trying to same the world,
Here they come just in time:
The Powerpuff Girls! 🎶

@srol Yeah. Couldn’t agree more. Discovery went from vapidly, needlessly grimdark to a show about hope and communication and Being Our Best Selves (you know, Star Trek) in season 3. Maybe it’s a direction for the franchise.

Dwayne “The Rock” starring Sean Connery and Nick Cage.

Tall people problems: when you go stay somewhere new and the _bottom_ of shower head aligns with your nose.

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