couple new wallpapers

got tired of seeing Arch Linux wallpapers with "muh waifu" and shit. so, here are a few with ladies running elegant-complex-streamlined tech from phone switches to NASA rocket thrusters

Alright, let's play a game.

Boosts appreciated, the wider the reach, the more useful the responses.

Please suggest to me 1 - 5 channels on peertube, vemio, or youtube with under 1000 subscribers, that are producing interesting or worthwhile content.

Sketches and jokes! Video Essays! Concert films! You name it.

Show me your favorite works from small creators. I'm going to do a thing to highlight some of them.

hello! i am looking to hire a trans Jewish graphic designer to make a book cover for a funky new siddur! does this sound like it's up anyone's alley? :boost_ok:

@Ardmass Kinda. It's a distinct fictional universe, but it's cyberpunk stuff. It's a card game. More info, if you're curious:

phrase i just heard in a Republican scare ad 

@Taweret @er1n God. I would love it if Beto was a radical. Or even, like, was friends with one.

@edebill Get some nice ones, perhaps? Leather or something else soft. Rather than plastic or rubber?

D&D shit 

Of all the things I expected to enjoy creating this campaign I did not expect it to be millenia-old beauty standards of a fictional society. Yes she was sculpted 1500+ years ago and at the time "devastatingly sexy" was big regal nose, no boobs and sturdy thighs. Yes I do have a dissertation on how the folks at the time dressed to achieve a fashionable silhouette and why it was desirable. Yes I did research how clothes were made from the dawn of time to 2021. Roll a haberdashery check.

1 hr 20 mins in and the #Kickstarter is already 10% funded! :blobSob: :blobCatCheer:

Thank you so much to everyone backing it and sharing it around 💙

Fingers-crossed it is well on its way to funding and soon my cosy queer portal fantasy will be out in the world!

#vkickstarter I enjoyed Corva’s first book, Books & Bone and here’s a kickstarter so that they can get their second published. Maybe you wanna help. A cozy, queer portal fantasy for adults.

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