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@ icedquinn @ is antiblack. They responded my post about not meme-ifying black death with justification and antiblackness, and then blocked me before I could call them on that trash ass take.

Go meme-ify any other fucking tragedy if you're so bout it. I don't see you memeifying any non-black deaths.

Also STOP FUCKING SAYING "BLACKS." We're people. Act like it.

People who link to Instagram or Facebook shit that requires you to log in to see it: Please stop. Please love yourself enough to get off corporate social media.

This is a subtoot about people in other places. I just knew y'all would sympathize.

Good morning, gentles all. 🌇

Let's see if today can involve less getting yelled at by databases. Probably not, since we still haven't figured out the problem, but… One can dream.

I wrote a post on OpSec, addressed at leftists and activists. It's pretty 101 but I think it could be useful for a lot of people out there. It's also only the first part of a series I'm planning to write on the subject.

Hello fellow antifacists,

if you speak german, I could need your skills.
(boost appreciated to actually reach out to the german speaking side of the fediverse)


hey everybody we already hit the donation goal for this stream but it seems extremely unlikely that the okra project is gonna be like "actually no that's fine we've got plenty of money thanks" so let's run those numbers up!!!

"la cosa nostra" refers to their dwarf fortress succession game

if you're going home from the beach it's actually a swamsuit

I still really need work - UX Design work in the Seattle area or remote work, specifically. Please let me know if you have any leads, I'm getting desperate!

so tired of anarchy's only vibe being punk.

instead of white boys drawing graffiti on brick walls, give me black lesbians harvesting the vertical farm on the side of their collectively governed skyscraper

instead of white boys wearing black and flipping off cops, show me an open air market that doesn't need police because everyone can take what they need

vandalizing walls and flipping off cops are valid forms of resistance, but what we're fighting for is beautiful too

Should I change my display name back to "Ben Hamill".

my birthday's on the 29th! for presents, i will accept:

* a donation to your local bail fund
* a good vegetarian recipe you think i'd like
* a five-minute ms paint drawing of dandelion


Ice cream’s almost done! Chocolate with strawberries and mini marshmallows in. A bit overflowing compared to last time. Oops.

Mastodon Pro Tip: “LB” is often not useful. Please link to the toot instead. 

Explanation: Mastodon by default de-duplicates posts that are boosted many times in a row. So if I have three friends who all boost the same toot within, say, an hour of each other, I’ll only see *one* of those boosts. This happens in tight social circles more often than you might imagine. A side-effect of this is that when you write “LB” (or “last boost”) on a post, there’s a good chance my TL won’t show your boost nearby, or even show you boosted it at all. Instead, after you boost it, write “LB: <link to the toot>” for easy navigation.

written testimony: submit your written testimony to and cc using the subject line “Written Testimony for 6/24 Budget Hearing” so that it gets added to the public record.

if you are testifying and would like a prep sheet, talking points, a script, or data to support your testimony please lmk and i'll forward those to ya!

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