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A single lonely nazi on - posts links to the Daily Stormer, feels obliged to pop into my mentions for some reason.


I thought this father and daughter singing a traditional Mongolian song about horses was delightful. Maybe you will, too.

There is a tool that we’re using with our kindergarten class for the teacher to send announcements to parents and stuff. If your name is too long it truncates it with an ellipsis and I just… that seems like a white person call. Someone who is unused to names like the Hispanic other parent I’m talking to who has more than three names and I don’t know what they all are because I can’t make it show me any view that wraps the text. It’s not the only culture with long names, either.

Hey, look at this thing my friend Mint wrote on why he left.

You'll probably make fun of it like you do with the daily dot article.

But maybe you'll read it and... think? Reflect? Change?


Hey if you're a teacher could you holler at me?
I'm going to start sending out things in December and all that. I'm wondering whether to send a CV or a resume and if it is just a resume how much detail of graduate school and related professional experiences should I give - such as all of my conference presentations, academic pubs, journalism pubs, etc. etc.

i finally have some context for the pronunciation of studio ghibli, and i'm pleased to have learned some stuff!

What do you call a gathering of people named Ben? 

A conbention.

you call them steamed punks, despite the fact that they are obviously grilled

Everyone in the PNW, remember to stay hydrated. Even staying indoors, some smoke will still get in and it'll dry you right out. Keep some water on-hand this weekend!

5yo: I’M MUTED!!! I’M MUTED!!! I’M MUTED!!! I’M MUTED!!!
Me: [5yo], please stop yelling.
5yo: But they can’t hear me!
Me: I realize. But _I_ can hear you and it’s annoying.


What is it called when someone kills a chickpea? 

@benhamill It's especially funny, since "homi-" and "hummus" are both derived from the same proto-indo-european root for "earth", one meaning an earthling and the other earth-like substance.

Apparently among the designers there was a fun debate over the spelling of that word, which I also support debating.

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What is it called when someone kills a chickpea? 


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Copywriter: *set-up for a riddle-style joke*

Engineers: *long thread debating what the answer might be, analyzing minute language choices for clues, coming up with a few possible answers and reasons why each doesn't quite fit the question.*

Copywriter: Jokes with engineers are fun!

I think we are the joke. 😜

when a story seems to be building up to something awesome but the author is too much of a coward to go through with it 

:thounking:​ the plot chickens...

@Anarkat you'd generally want the filter on the intake side of the fan, not the output, or the smoke/etc can foul the fan quickly. For the floor sweep fan, a cardboard box with the filter on one side, the fan inside with hole just large enough for the output, and taping leaks should work well

You can also extend the life of the filter by using a cotton pre-filter (not too fine a thread count); quilters cotton, some inexpensive bedsheets, etc. can be useful and can be laundered and reused

Smoke filtering PSA part 2: You're not likely to find any filters that have a higher rating than MERV 13. As far as I can tell, anything higher than MERV 13 is typically reserved for hospital and cleanroom settings, and you're unlikely to be able to find them from consumer stores.

If a thin filter has a higher filter rating than the available thick filters, go for that instead. Just be aware that it will likely have poorer airflow and not last very long.

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get 20 inch box fan.

get 20x20 furnace filter, the thickest one you can find.

Time for a crash course on filter ratings!

The best consumer grade filter you're likely to come across is "MERV 13"

Home depot has their own filter rating system called FPR that goes up to 10. FPR 10 filters from home depot will fall somewhere between MERV 12 and MERV 13. The one I got is FPR 10, but happens to be MERV 12. I'd rather a MERV 13, but they didn't have any.

Whatever you go for, you want a higher rating number, which indicates how well it filters.

If possible, you want to get a 4 or 5 inch thick filter. A thicker filter means a larger filter surface, which means it will last longer, and allow more airflow through.

A box fan is going to be the most convenient method for filtering the air, as shown in my picture. 20x20 is a common form factor for box fans, and means you'll be able to just tape the filter onto it.

However, box fans don't have very good static pressure, and so the airflow might not be very good.

What I'm going to do is attach the second filter that I obtained to my high power blower style fan, using cardboard as a baffles to direct the narrow air output of the blower fan to the wide surface of the fan. This should move more air through the filter thanks to its high static pressure, and in turn filter more air.

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