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@benhamill There's a racist history behind the whole "refined" thing. It was used as a way to justify trusting a "properly-speaking" white man over his "uncouth" Black slave.

The Cockney accent and how it's frowned upon is a remnant of the days when the British monarchy had done the same to separate the nobles from the masses.

Our goal shouldn't be to adopt their way of speaking, but rather, to encourage people to speak their own way.

Just to be clear: This is a shitpost, not a tactical suggestion. I'm trying to have a chuckle about how easy it is to arrange these words in such a way that means nothing or anything. And sort of lament that several of them have been leeched entirely of their impact in this way.

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@benhamill We honestly don't see the value in it. In our opinion, the goal of a leftist should be to fight the white supremacy inherent to our capitalist society. Part of that includes dismantling the "refined" perception that comes with being "well-mannered" and whatnot.

We should be convincing people that their anger is justified regardless of the way they express it, not to hide it behind "refinement".

"I want to describe to you a _radical_ … _revolutionary_ idea… One that will allow us to harness all the power of humanity to face civilization's most pressing problems: Wealth inequality, the climate crisis, racism, sexism… It will require a bold rethinking of how our society is organized and what things we value. It will disrupt the currently dominant forces in computing, social media, manufacturing, food, service… even the defense and criminal justice industries!"

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Was musing in the shower this morning about how leftist words and phrases have been co-opted by TED-a-like capitalist tech-deifying talking heads in order to sell technological solutions to non-technological problems.

And wondered if we might do the reverse and steal their tone and pacing to sell leftist ideas to the same audience. The, like, concerned, earnest, calm-voiced white man.

"I was on my way to get breakfast and I noticed that the laws of the lands were a little fascist, and, well, one thing led to another and I overthrew the government and installed a social democracy."

"But why though."

"I just wanted a good knight's sleep."

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You can tell when they've got that justice sense ticking because they've been tapping their foot impatiently for like five minutes and are getting all twitchy and can't relax until they go out and take care of that small imperialism problem over there real quick

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Character idea: A randomass footsoldier became a paladin by pure accident. LIke they tripped and fell heart-first on some holy rock that them embedded itself in their chest and now they're stuck with all these holy powers and keep feeling a compulsive need to go right wrongs on society but they just want to go home and relax and eat pancakes

And please don't kid yourself that you're doing antiracist work by not saying slurs (want a medal for that?) and by saying Black lives matter. If you insist in the face of mountains of evidence that race doesn't exist as an axis of oppression apart from class, you think and act no differently than the "race doesn't matter" right-wingers. If you bristle at any suggestion that you or your friends are racist and lash out with harassment and whisper campaigns that drive BIPOC from your spaces, you are straight up being racist. If you do not look into yourself and question yourself, your friends, and how you conduct yourselves, you are not doing the work.

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Anarchism/socialism and fascism are all critical responses to the destructiveness of liberal capitalism. The fundamental difference is that leftist movements punch up at the brutal systems of inequality, while fascism punches down at marginalized groups to keep the same hierarchy with themselves at the (generally imaginary) top. Once leftists start punching down instead of up on racial and ethnic lines they become the ideological siblings of fascists, except they are friendly to, and are themselves, white or white-adjacent women and queers.

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Leftism without the work of antiracism slides quickly into fascism.

10 very experienced engineers in this meeting face-planting into the idea that being profitable FORCES compromises against user experience and the nominal benefits our software is supposed to render to humans.

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I am deep into “capitalism drives terrible software” feels right now.

Y'ALL I HAVE NEWS, I KNOW some of y'all are gonna be ALL IN on this

evil hat is launching a pen & paper RPG literally called THIRSTY SWORD LESBIANS, the kickstarter just launched today and it's already funded

I was reading a thing about famous queer people and it said that when Michelle Rodriguez came out as bi, she said she was “too curious not to”. Does that make her 2 Bi 2 Curious?

living and fighting out of spite may not be the best long term plan, but no one has any right to judge you for how you survive.

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remember to defy god, your bigoted parents, and every fucker that wants to see you choke : take care of yourself. that means meds, hydration, stretching, and napping if you're able.

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