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gab / fascists 

Amazon AWS is kicking Parler off of its servers. So, chuds are flocking to gab.

FYI: gab's current iteration is a fork of mastodon. Make sure you are defederated from them.

pol, but only vague about recent US events 

Talking a friend through some emotions coming to terms with the fact that you can’t debate fascists and that some people have interests that are opposed with the interests of most other people and can’t be reasoned out of those interests because they’re not ideas or opinions, but material realities. The King won’t be debated into being a champion if the people’s uprising. He’s moving left. It’s painful to watch, but good, imo.

farmers asked if i knew anything about the goose thief terrorizing the neighborhood. i told them no but they could leave their info and i'd take a gander if i got a chance

I have been informed, for those of you following along at home, that the reason is: spite.

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How is it that the dishes need to be done _again???_ Why can't they just _stay_ done??? 😡

Damn. I have a joke that would use CWs in a funny way, but it deserves its own kinda CW, but I don’t even know how to CW it, so I can’t even make it as, like, a normal post.

I watch TNG just to see adults having disagreements that are resolved with discussion and mutual understanding

Star Trek is maturity porn

Not that this is the biggest problem with it by any means, but I'm always a bit bummed when people are talking about a cool picrew thing because I've never once seen my balding pattern (which is very common in the world) represented on there. Often, the choices are too give myself _way_ too much hair or none.

This isn't the only way in which none of them represent very common ways that people are in the real world. Just… mine.

the thing is that it's just not possible to have an honest AAA cyberpunk game. the anticapitalist foundations of the genre inherently preclude the labor practices necessary for modern AAA development

please boost - trying to find a place for a trans woman to leave her abusive controlling family 

I'm posting this on behalf of a 20 year old closeted trans woman who lives with her family. Her family hates her and is incredibly abusive and controlling. She really needs a place to get out to.

She's in Pennsylvania. If you're around there and can take in a person, or think you might know people who can, please pass it on.

I don't expect anything will come of this, but I'm really hoping that we can make a real difference to one person's life. She needs to get out and she deserves to be happy and to actually be able to live.

I need to get a grasp on when to use “que” and “cual” and “como” in Spanish where English would use “what” in all situations.

It is Wednesday, my duden’ts. Which my phone now suggets “my duden’ts” when I type “It is Wednesday”, which is fun. Eye contact.

Good morning

PV did not shut down because of group infighting. Anyone saying that is trying to deflect away from the same spicy whites that have been the main problem for a year that have yet to deal w being what they are: Colorist and antiblack.

The same PV crew from before is still chillen together, just elsewhere.

reboost this, ta

They stared at each other, boy and unicorn. In the background, his mentor clenched his fists.

'Look away, boy! Before it imprints! Unicorns are not for you.'

The boy reached out with a trembling hand to touch the unicorn's velvet muzzle.

'It says we will help people,' he said. 'It says it's been waiting for me its whole life.'

'Step away!' The mentor drew his sword.

The unicorn lowered its horn at the mentor.

The man fled, and the boy was happier for it.

#microfiction #TootFic

My father and law got us this for Christmas. It sure is… chiaing. That’s the verb, right?

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