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This guy makes maybe my favorite videos on Youtube. The way he explains linguistic concepts is entertaining and accurate; easy to understand and thorough. And in this one he has a cast of people to help add depth and not one is another white man. I just—this video brought me so much joy.

This guy makes maybe my favorite videos on Youtube. The way he explains linguistic concepts is entertaining and accurate; easy to understand and thorough. And in this one he has a cast of people to help add depth and not one is another white man. I just—this video brought me so much joy.

hello everyone, time for some ✨ self promotion ✨

I have unleashed all of my Valentine's Day pins, new pride flag pins, some body positive stuff, stickers, and a couple pairs of earrings over on my etsy shop 🎉

so if you like my art and wanna help support a queer, disabled, indigenous artist please check out my shop, share my shop, boost this post, etc. and if you don't want to buy off etsy, you can message me right here and we can work somethin out. thank you!


which, you know, they'll tell you when you're wrong eventually *anyway* but it'll be too late to help, or will be harder to fix, cost more, hurt more

Specifically, I think of this when people complain that they don't want to share information because they're afraid of "design/decision by committee". Which I GET. This process is entirely not that thing. You're not inviting everyone into the decision and debate process!

You're just telling them the problem you think needs solving, describing what you know about the problem after you start to look at it and then telling them the result. And letting them say if you're wrong between steps.

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None of that requires enormous detail (like, down to dollar amounts or dates). Our school district messed this up royally somewhat recently and I kept seeing it over and over at work.

So… maybe this is helpful to someone? Take and use. People who are affected by your actions will benefit.

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2. "Here are the things we're looking at. Here is the decision matrix we plan on using. Let us know if anything is weird or busted or missing."
3. "Here is the decision we made and the factors that made it fit the matrix better than the other options."

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Apropos nothing on here: I feel like there is this, like, _dirt_ simple—but not necessarily easy—communication strategy that most people seem to be entirely unaware of that does enormous good in making people feel heard and bought in when you're making decisions for them.

1. "This is what we're working on right now. It's what we see as the highest priority." Maybe you have to talk about why you think it's highest priority.

The other day, someone was posting about the history of feminism in the UK and how it led into the rampant TERFism there. There were scans of feminist lesbian comics? I'm trying to show a friend, but I can't find the thread. Any help?

There was a trick to the ghost deliveries. 

Not everybody had it.  Paul would find himself being switched from route to route, because many of the drivers either couldn't handle the switch, or they could but they complained about it too much. 

Today, his route took him through the south of Cologne, over the river, and then to the South Cemetery.

He closed his eyes for a moment, felt the edges of the worlds, and sent his truck into the Otherworld. 

#tootFic 1/3 #Writing #Microfic

Mari's go fund me is almost at the goal!

You've all done so well sharing and donating!

If we plan one more donation each next time we get paid, she'll be able to pay all the things off.

Overhearing the children in the back yard: (screaming sounds like murder or some shit)

I look out the window: Both children smiling, running around not even touching each other, everything is fine an idyllic.

WTF, childs.

Elsewhere, I was thinking about reacting 🇲🇽 or 🇪🇸 to a message about the Spanish language, but then I remembered that Spanish is a great example of why using national flags to represent languages is a problem. I wish languages had… logos or something. Like… I just want natural languages to exist in the emoji standard some way. I'm not super sure why, except that I really like words.

USPol, Race, General Meta? 

I am not looking forward to ppl trying to criticize Harris without being racist about it. It happens & ppl be out here making me want to defend a cop bc ppl can't help but be white thru their analysis

And someone might roll their eyes at this & gone ahead, but if you cant be critical wo being fatphobic, ableist or antiblack then I dont think your analysis is worth it

policy proposal, probably over simplified, mad about housing being a market 

I want this: The residents (not owner) of every home receives $500k. Now the land is government owned and part of public housing (exact details of what that entails are 🤷🏻‍♂️). If there are no residents, no one gets paid, but it’s still public housing. You can only reside in one home. Rich people will still probably find a way to get paid twice by having their son “reside” in their summer home or some shit, but it’s simple.

uspol, software metaphor 

Don't think of this inauguration as an ending. Shipping the feature is the beginning of the project. We still have a lot of hard work to do to get any sort of progressive anything done that'll approach the impacts we need. Not that we shouldn't celebrate shipping… just that now the on-call rotation starts.

It turns out that you can actually run away from home and turn into a tiger. I still remembered though.
An old tiger I met said that if I forgot what I left, I will lose myself.
That, I remember clearly.
This morning I woke up an adult human, and I can't remember what I ran from.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I used to generate the new password for my work laptop and I love it. It tells a little story, kinda. Very recommend, especially for passwords you won't always be able to paste.

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