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🎵Oo-oo child,
Things are gonna get easier.
Oo-oo child,
Things’ll get bri-i-ighter. 🎵

back in the wild west you could form a gang with 3 identical moustached men all named 'bill' & shoot up a bank or a train, and everyone would start calling you 'oklahoma jack' despite your name not being john & never having been to oklahoma

6yo: "Why would a girl dress up as a boy?"
Me: "HOW would a girl dress up as a boy?"
6yo: Just describes butchy looks.
Me: "Lots of girls wear those clothes and are still dressed like girls."
9yo: "I know how to dress like a boy! Just say, 'I'm a boy.'" jazz hands

Be sure to describe y'all image posts.

I am testing screen reader functionality. 🗣

Just… gonna leave this here… in case anyone else wants it…

DM me if you have questions about this topic.

Oh my goodness, someone just pointed out that NFTs are exactly the same as the "name a star"/"buy a piece of the moon" scam and suddenly it all makes sense.

Have been pretty absent here lately. It's because I'm so geeked out about new things and hanging out in the Green Level Clearance discord so much. Netrunner is so good, y'all.

"Garou" doesn't just mean "werewolf"; they're cognates. "*werawulf" -> "wereul" -> "garoul" -> "garou".

@benhamill quite frankly, it’s amazing we are still alive 🦖

The tech industry (like the video game industry) loves young talent for, among other things, the likelihood of their relative nativity and lack of perspective. It makes them easier to exploit them. After all, young people rarely have kids, never have grandkids, haven't lived through history repeating itself, and often overlook their own mortality.

(Note the qualifiers: Age increases the likelihood of the above experiences but doesn't guarantee them, and privilege can mitigate or cancel out their impact on the development of an individual's ethics and morality.)

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