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Okay, it's time. I'm looking for work, seeking leads, boosts appreciated. 

I can say without exaggeration that I'm an extremely hard worker and a creative & logistical problem-solver. This has served me well in start-ups that need a steady, guiding hand, ideally in a supportive role, though I have leadership experience as well. You point me in a direction, I make it happen. Hit me up, and I'd be thrilled to expound.

I'm looking for a livable wage with insurance and disability accommodations.

To a fire-breathing dragon-like-thing: "Don't blaze me, bro!"
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C: It would be like trying to eat a beachball in the middle of a battle.
A: A beachball made of meat.
C: A meachball, if you will.
A: Ugh.
D: Oh! No! I don't will! Ugh. No.
D: Do not want.
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C: When we talk to, uh... Cal... calis... calzonestromboli, do you--
B: Oh lord. Can we not mess up the name of the goddess of revenge to her face. PLEASE.
A: Let's practice the pronunciation of her name together.
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A: I'm still feeling the hunger, right?
GM: Yeah. It kinda hit you last night.
B: That's rough. And there's all these delicious trees all around.
A: I--wh--What is wrong with you? I'm an elf, not a beaver!!! 🤨

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A: Can I fly the airship?
GM: What's your skill in Fly?
A: Uh... +4.
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There's a type of shrub called "euonymous". I saw some today and thought, "Wait, like anonymous? From the Greek for 'without a name'?" So I checked it out, and


This plant's name is literally "good name"

"You are Fate's Chosen."
The voice echoed in her head.
"You are the rightful heir to the throne."
"We're a republic," she said.
"Say the word, and the ancient throne will be restored. You will rule supreme."
"No thanks."
"Your father said the same."
"Try next generation."
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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tumblr post screencap re: kink at pride discourse 

snakegay: "why does so much post apocalypse media have people wearing straight up bdsm/fetish gear like, do the kinksters watch the world ending and think 'oh boy I can wear my bondage gear in public now"

skelefolk: "thats actually exactly what happens"

broliloquy: "What I wanna know is why the spiky kink warriers are always the bad evil marauders. They might be into some weird shit and unafraid to show it but that doesn't mean they want to go around killing dudes. They're a tight-knit bunch. A lot of them are queer. They understand the importance of community.

If the government collapses and all laws come to an end, the people rampaging around killing and looting are gonna be like, frat boys and 4chan rejects. You can mistrust the bondage raiders all you like but they're definitely they ones you're going to run to for help when the neoliberal blood cultists and Nazi meme demons lay seige to your survivor enclave. There's gonna be gayboy berserkers busting up slaver gangs and burning down warboy frat houses. The assless-chaps leather daddies and weird petplay people are gonna be the accidental peacekeepers of the post-apocalyptic world just because they're the only motherfuckers who understand the importance of consent anymore."


Anyway, it should be obvious the Korean-American businessman Andrew Lee is not any kind of Crown Prince of #Korea. Everyone knows that's just a publicity gimmick. Not only does that title not exist anymore, the former royal family has an official head, Lee Won, a great-grandson of Emperor Gojong. His official title is Rite Giver of the Daihan Imperial Family. Lee Seok, a grandson of Gojong who made Andrew Lee his "successor," claims to be the head of the old royal family but the family don't accept him as such so he had nothing to pass on to Andrew, nor can titles like that (even when they exist, and the title of Crown prince no longer does) be passed on by individual fiat abroad without the support of the family elders.

We've discovered that one chicken in particular is The Loud Chicken. Whenever there's an annoying super-loud cheeping from the brooder during that quiet, intense part of the TV show, it's always the same asshole. And they're usually standing on a thing yelling. I'm pretty sure this one thinks it is the King of Chickens. But when a human appears to be like, "Why are you yelling." it definitely cheeps quieter and kind of trails off. For a little while, at least.

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Which us funnier?

Scholastic Art Mentorship Program! Scholastic's design team is looking specifically for BIPOC interested in illustration for children's lit, must be unrepresented by an agent, never published professionally, and be 18 years or older. Applications close June 25th. You need a digital portfolio to apply, or to e-mail them a pdf.


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