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Love, Rage, & (Dis)Communication

"Here’s a compilation of writings culled from Love & Rage, the Love & Rage Federation Bulletin, the Chicago-based Wind Chill Factor, and the publication (Dis)Connection. All were produced in the 1990s and help to give an idea of some of the debates that were happening within the anarchist space in the U.S. in the 1990s."

The 9yo also came to me today at random and said, “Daddy, can I have a hug?” Of course I hugged them. Then they said, “Thanks… for everything.”


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We asked the 9yo what they wanted for their 10th birthday and they said, “the vaccine.”

My fuckin’ heart, y’all. 😭

What do you call the people that follow your slimesona around because they think it's so awesome? 


Remember, my doves and ducklings, it’s not so important that one uses profanity.

It’s important that one uses profanity WELL, with grace, tension, rhythm, creativity, and finely calibrated force.

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The HR department at my work just announced something called "Thirsty Thursday Bingo". I assume it's about alcoholic drinks, but... :blob_lewd:

Y'all are a bad influence on me. 😜

alias mastodon=sudo systemctl start mastodon

alias mastodoff=sudo systemctl stop mastodon

there is no semantic difference between tomes of advanced philosophy and a shitpost that says "if u have ever thought fuk u"

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Who's shut in a sepulchre down by the sea?
Annabelle Lee!
A maiden with bright eyes beloved by me
Annabelle Lee!
We loved with a love that was more than just love
Annabelle Lee!
But the wingéd seraphs took her up above
Annabelle Lee!

Stacy's Mom, i think she's donkey kong
It freaks me out that she's so wicked strong
She chased me up a tree
Tie's the only clothes i see
It's true I could be wrong
But I'm pretty sure she's Donkey Kong

(installing tall wrought-iron fencing, several fog machines, and a "KEEP OUT" sign in the yard around my house) Hopefully this safe habitat helps to stabilize the local goth population. With time and luck, they may even flourish

Someone put red paint on the "Serve and Protect" sculpture at the Salt Lake City police building

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