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What's it called when someone insists on being nice-but-mean to you no matter what you do or say? 

Forced Frenemization.

What's it called when someone stuffs you into a stillsuit and abandons you in the desert? 

Forced Fremenization.

uspol, Texas abortion ban 

email draft
subj: "" potential TOS violation

body in text description of image

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uspol, Texas abortion ban 

The "whistleblower" site used to collect information and make it easier to harass legitimate necessary medical patients and providers was kicked off of its hosting provider, GoDaddy, after complaints.

It moved to Digital Ocean, where, within hours, it was also kicked to the curb.

It's currently being hosted by Epik. Their contact information is at in case you wish to provide feedback to them about who they choose to host


Hi! If you are a person with a uterus living in texas please read this, and retweet to boost if you don’t live in texas.
Nurx offers birth control for as low as $15 per month, and that’s uninsured. It’s where i get mine and it’s completely safe and reliable.



Just a friendly heads-up for folks in Texas: If anyone knows anyone who needs the morning-after pill, I have a small supply that I'd be happy to overnight mail to anyone who needs it, free of charge.

today's feel-good chore of the day:

cleaning up my mailbox, unsubscribing from branded emails and promotional newsletters, ensuring that the only emails i get are genuine newsletters from real people, the ones i actually want to read

[infomercial voice] try it, it helps!


@benhamill I always lick it without removing it or powering down the computer.


Don't forget to clean your RAM regularly. The best way is to pop it out of your motherboard, lick the contacts clean, then just pop it back in without drying it.

They say that a good romance begins with a good friendship, but… 

Bad Romance begins with, “Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Roh ma, ro ma ma! Ga ga, ooh la la!”

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