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I don’t want my kids to grow up soft


I hope my kids don’t have to work at 15, I hope my kids don’t have to be embarrassed by their patched up hand-me-down clothes, I hope my kids are soft and gentle and learn Shakespeare and Latin and write poetry and compose music, and never have to worry about money or healthcare or peace because that…that MEANS WE FUCKING WON

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James Acaster taking the piss out of transphobic "comedians" for two minutes.

* Socktober, you wear socks every day
* Defrocktober, you take away a different priest's status within the church every day
* Kirkslashspocktober, is self-explanatory
* Bloctober, pour les Québecoises seulement, merci
* Chalktober, you do math all over a giant chalkboard every day
* Macaquetober, if you have access to enough monkeys

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* Rocktober, you record a crappy cover of a different song by a rock band in which they extol their preference for the genre of rock music every day
* Bachtober, the same as above, but with baroque music
* Jocktober, it's either sports or homoerotic men's athletic apparel—no one needs to know which, wink-wink
* Locke-tober, you write an essay about political theory every day
* Adhoctober, you perform a different and sketchy non-prespecified statistical analysis of your data every day

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Yes, there's Inktober, where you draw every day

But there's also

* Stocktober, you artificially inflate the stock price of a different failing company through short selling every day
* Blocktober, you finally block That Guy
* Crocktober, you make a slow-cooked meal in your crockpot every day
* Cocktober, it's a sex thing
* Mocktober, you make a fancy mocktail drink every day
* Clocktober, you practice speed-reading of analog clock faces every day
* Doctober, you finally see the doctor about it

Everyone younger than me that has a birthday is turning 16 on that birthday.

About 60% of the time when I try to type "related" I end up typing "relarted" and I feel like it means when you think something is related, but you fart instead. Like a shart, but with relatedness instead of poop.

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@benhamill Nowadays a lot of stuff with "Made in USA" stickers is from cheap prison labor and migrant labor. So sometimes it's amerikan unions, sometimes it's amerikan slavery. I stg I don't mean to be a downer, but amerika makes it hard by being a giant downer of a country. :sadsunglasses:

I need to go watch some MUCH MORE RELAXING videos now. Something with whispering and tapping. Phew.

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How did we let the narrative get fucked up kn that one??? Seems like a big win for unions that we aught to crow about, like, all the time. Jesus. Shit.

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I just fucking realized—like literally moments ago—that the only reason buying “Made in America” products is good is because of unions. Like, it seems like some patriotic bullshit. But it’s actually because it means that the production if the product was subject to labor laws like not locking the doors of your factory and then having people die in a fire. Like, literally that event and the labor movement’s actions directly after it leading to specific legislation. Fucking hell.

More programming language designers should know about affordances, cognitive dimensions of notations and usability in general. A language is a user interface, whether you want it or not.

This happened because Wiliam Shatner searched for Lance Ulanoff on Facebook.

What do we think the chances are that the FB (etc.) outage was internal, activist sabotage?

The book launch party that @vicorva had was perfect!
It had everything a good book launch party needs and even more! Reading, questions and playing hide-and-seek.
I am still smiling really much.
The book that was published today is Non-Player Character.
You can buy it from several online bookstores!

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