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LB: I helped judge the Third Annual (And Possibly Final) Battlebots Fashion Thread. for us robot nerds, this is our Met Gala, and i'd like to think our final critiques are justified. PLEASE read onward

People often say, “Don’t just read white leftists.” And I was always like, “Yeah. That seems right. I should do some research.” Well, this fell into my lap today. Figure others here may find it of interest/use.

Neo: "The code on the screen... is that the Matrix?"

Tank: "what? no, this is just Dwarf Fortress"

Wordle 200 4/6


howdy howdy howdy
🟨 ⬜️ 🟨
👇 🟨 🟩👇
🟩 🟨
🟩 🟩
👢 👢

I'm the wordle sherrif, 420 6/9

I just finished _The City We Became_ by NK Jemisin and I’ve never been to NYC, but she helped me understand why people love-hate that place. Such a good book.


Ah, yes. No, that’s a popular misconception. “Nay-nay” is a slang term for eating a chip. The song is actually about teaching someone proper salsa etiquette.

boost this if no one has defeated you in honorable hand-to-hand combat in 2022 yet

The 7yo has donned Ben Solo’s mask and Adora’s tiara to become: She-Ren. Or Kylo Ra.

Now I’m gonna read this NK Jemisin book about becoming a city. There’s a tentacle on the spine??? That’s all I know. My parents bought it for me for Christmas. I’m excited for it.

VERY minor spoilers for Non-Player Character 

And I suddenly saw myself very concretely and the anxiety and uncertainty I feel around filling out official forms (like taxes, insurance or medical things) where I can’t ask for clarifications and space is at a premium so often there is some ambiguity that most other people seem to have no trouble parsing. It, uh, made me think about some things.

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VERY minor spoilers for Non-Player Character 

I also had a kind of, “Oh. It’s me,” moment while reading the book. I don’t claim (or even know a ton about) autism, but there’s a point early on when Tar (the main character, who is autistic) talks about difficulty with ambiguously worded questions.

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One of the things that struck me most of about Non-Player Character (by @vicorva) is the amount if time spent on the POV character’s emotions. A lot of books, even ones in the first person, still feel like if “outside” the POV character in a way that makes their actions feel… hmm… easy? Like, this book really brought home the inner struggle that being brave is. Anyway, yeah. It really worked for me.

one thing I've tried to change a lot in the past years is not being an asshole when I think something is good and underrated. Just because I think my indie video game is better then the one most people are playing doesn't mean I gotta be a dick about it

having said this

netrunner is better then ur favorite card game let me teach you.

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