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@KevSaund @spencer @junebug @swearyprincess @tessaluniki I don't wanna volunteer y'all if you don't want, but thought y'all might be interested in the above.

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So Trunk is a sort of... directory of folks on the fediverse who are into various topics.

I think it would be cool to have listed as a topic on there. If we get a few folks to volunteer to have their names on the list in addition to me, @kensanata can create it.

Do you posted or want to post about ? Would you be cool with folks following you who are interested in the same? Reply here saying so and we can make it happen.

@kensanata Was looking at Trunk just now and wondered if you could add a Netrunner topic? I know at least a few folks who'd probably add themselves to it (me included).

I'm picturing them in resplendent evening gowns, butch and femme, shorn hair and long locks, handsome and beautiful. Maybe dancing one of those line dances you see in Austen adaptations.

useful info for #ActuallyAutistic folks and spoonies more generally: if you're too frazzled to describe an image or not sure how to describe it, but still want to post it and don't want it to go undescribed, you can tag @imagecaptionspls and some nice person will jump in and do their best to reply with one

also please consider volunteering to do this for others if you can, by following that account, which will then boost the requests into your home feed


At the LBJ Presidential Library, you can see on display his monogrammed presidential phone case.

"I see ghosts."
"Oh?" said the witch. "See them often, do you?"
"Depends on my chores for the day, where I go. They're always in the same places."
"I see. Well. Is that a problem?"
"I wonder... Is it impolite to look at them?"
"Oh. Right. If they don't seek your attention, yes."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

Thought it could be fun to re-share some #techpolicy stuff I’ve written for the folks interested in #AIpolicy #techgovernance #algorithmicaccountability and #federallaw
(I originally shared this on the bird site, so for those who were following me there back in February, this may be familiar)

Let’s talk about the Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2022!

Tongue update: Still feels weird today. I really did a number on it, huh? Geez. 👅

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