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I would like to meet or see a video of someone who is so consistent at clapping that they can do a beat by clapping and drumming on their chest that it sounds like a drum machine's clap effect. When I try to do this my claps are _all_ over the place.

Also, of course, many clap effects are actually multiple claps at once, which I don't think one person can do, but... yeah.

It is wild to me how little Spanish many white Texans have. Like, I just overheard my wife (who, like me, is white and, also like me, a native Texan) getting on a phone call with a white coworker. She says, "Hola." He says, "Hi." She says, "¿Qué tal?" He says, "Uh... I don't know Spanish."

And, like, IDK. That's not classroom learning. I just picked that up living here and, I guess, existing in spaces that weren't exclusively white? I don't have a thesis. I'm just consistently surprised by it. IDK if anyone else would find this useful, but I made a playlist of all the OST songs and needle drops from season 1 of the Netflix adaptation. I've been listening to it on shuffle for a few days.

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Hey you! Yes you! Do you know a book or series that is queer, written by a qyeer person, or written by an ND/disabled person, that doesn't have the sexytimes in it?

Drop a recomendation below! I'm always looking for new books to read.

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For some reason the kids have decided this evening to sing on repeat:

I have tried to forget
All the pain and regret
It’s the last time
It’s the last time tonight.

My 7yo is so Texan that they say “people” as if it means “like, as, or having to do with the Pope.”

It’s weird that there’s an elf emoji 🧝‍♂️ but not a dwarf emoji. Gimli needs better representation!

I won a tournament today. Like, first place! I’m kind of shocked. Some _really_ incredible games, too.

It’s just… It’s a _really_ fun game, y’all. And a great community broadly. And the Austin meta is a really nicely weird little meta. It’s delightful.

I need moving-boxes. And regular boxes, but like plastic/ see through boxes. I need to make my apartment more presentable and less neurodivergent messy. I have four days to do it. How do I do it?

Help please.

And yes, please boost so more people can advice me.

Back to the Future

This is my mech, 


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