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Some hero should register and host this image there.

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don't let the media fool you with the railroad strikes, America's economy and supply chain is intensely dependent on the railroads. The railroad workers right now have to work weekends, at all hours, 24/7 with only 30 days off a year. You get 105 weekends, why shouldn't they?

looking for work 

Hello fedi, as I'm looking for work, would you please lend me a hand and spread the word?

In short, I can do Chinese--English / English--Chinese translations. And I'm pretty good at it.

I used to translate for the New York Times. After getting my PhD in physics, I worked for the publisher SpringerNature as an editor, but my experience there only further radicalised me against the unethical practice of "academic publishing", and I quitted.

My career in science also saw me accumulating 15+ years' experience with C/C++/Python, contributing to projects such as scipy, numpy, etc. That made me a decent tech writer of documentations, too.

I actually quite enjoy translating -- so much so that I have a page set up for that ->

Samples are available on request. I am capable of most commercial translation projects in Chinese/English. In my spare time, my language skills are further honed by my Ukrainian/Russian/French/Sanskrit/Old English projects.

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

looking for full or part-time remote work, anyone hiring? i have a background in desktop support/workstation management (over a decade of experience) but my priorities are finding somewhere i feel accepted as a transwoman and whose values align with mine, and so im open minded as to the type of work

feel free to boost or DM. thank you! :-)

#GetFediHired #jobs

If the fedi wanted to be better, it would have happened by now.

It's a great idea, and I'm fortunate because I've met a lot of cool people here. I'm grateful for it because it was a significant step forward in my understanding of what social media could be.

But cultural progress on the fedi has hit a wall and does not want to progress anymore. There are more people invested in keeping it what it is than allowing it become what it could be organically.

I'll keep this lighthouse instance going for myself but in terms of a healthy and progressive community solution, the fedi ain't it.

And it never will be.

It's just time for new ideas.

idk why I get annoyed at white ppl who ask "what should be do next time so this doesn't happen"


this is the SECOND time a Black-ran instance had to leave because of anti-black bullshit. c'mon.I think we are beyond the point of trying to learn a lesson if y'all refused to learn it the first time.

Its so fucking easy to:

listen to the remaining Black people that are still here dealing with your bullshit.

Stop fucking defending your anti-black friends, you either need to call those fuckers out or get them the fuck out. at this point reasoning with people hasn't fucking work.

if you're actually open to fucking reasoning, LISTEN TO BLACK PEOPLE, holy shit.

make sure your fucking spaces are actually safe for us to just fucking exist in.

we've lost TWO instances for the same fucking reason. because some of y'all's rabid and weird fucking need to just be the most disgusting people on earth becuase everytime anyone DARES to talk about racism or anti-blackness, y'all get fucking weird and hateful about it. I don't understand.

We're here for the same fucking reason y'all are, to make friends, learn, grow, and be part of a community. But at this point, it's obvious that y'all don't want us around unless we're Quiet and Obedient Black's and don't talk about shit that makes You uncomfortable.

And I know that I fucking refuse to be that.

stop being fucking weird ass white people and actually fucking open your fucking eyes for once. good god.

@dredmorbius @benhamill ah, I remembered the right keywords and immediately found it, Citizen DJ:

i was thinkin about things yknow and like the whole "shh its not polite to make jokes about the queen" already doesnt sit well with me bc yknow, tone policing and silencing victims but then also there's this little thing called The Right to Comfort which occupies a handy dandy little bullet on a list of signs and symptoms of white supremacy

worth reading about to shake out those last little pearl clutching habits you have for protecting the peace of the oppressor over the life of the oppressed, here's one resource to get started

The other day on a whim I put on Jurassic 5 for the kiddos. Man. I linda forgot how good Concrete Schoolyard is. What a bop. We were talking about the history of the use of spoken word samples in music, so I’d put the album on for Setup. But, yeah.

Let's take it back to the concrete streets
Original beats with real live MCs
Playground tactics, no 'rabbit in a hat' tricks
Just that classic rap shit from Jurassic

X-Post from Birdsite 

RT @MariahHumphries
This will be missed with the Queen’s death, but it needs to be posted. “The University of Alabama has more than 10,000 Native American human remains in its possession, according to a federal notice published by the National Park Service last week.”

Howdy, y'all. 🌇

I slept like ass last night. I'll muddle through, though, and hope to have a better time of it tonight.

"I’m a psychologist – and I believe we’ve been told devastating lies about mental health"

On mental illness as a symptom of a broken society.

If anyone wants to learn Welsh remotely, has Tuesdays free, and has £45 spare (though there are bursaries), Nic would like to hear from you. Please share if your friends might be interested!

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