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unfollow twitter users
do not talk to twitter users
do not look at twitter users
Do Not Shake Their Hands

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you're not less of a woman if you don't shave;
you'te not neccessarily more of a woman if you do.

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Let me say it louder:
If You Are Anti-Pleroma You Can Go.

and today it's
*pulls ping pong ball out of a tumbler*
shame dysphoria

you put two cute boys in ur anime in a close relationship and u didn't have them kiss? why

to all of my followers: u can come out of the closet whenever ur ready

concept: prehensile tail but you still wag it like a dog when ur happy

*notices ur crosspost from twitter*
that wasn't very logged on of you

@cantinto My chakras want to be balanced at the end of a leash right now

listen. if u dont think lola bunny is hot? thats ur problem

First real backing in a month on this load and I got it in 20 minutes
Still got it babey!

Once you realize everything is a cult things start making a lot more sense

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