You should be pround of having made it so far as a nonbinary person. Many people out there are determined to make life as hard as possible for us, and you've survived despite it.

Keep growing stronger and more fearsome everyday. Be a thistle in their garden and bear in their backyard.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #exorsexism

There's a Black Friday sale going on on which also includes my zines and collections.
Meaning that:
🌟 Art & Sketches 2020,
🌟 Inktober 2018, and
🌟 Inktober 2021
will all be available for half the price until the 1st of December.
Feel free to come check them out!

I realized I haven't shown you this mini zine I made last year about dealing with pandemic lockdown and seasonal depression. Hope you'll enjoy 😊

idk who needs to hear this but don’t beat yourself up over every aborted personal project you’ll never pick up again because you don’t have the energy

you did something (initially) fun, you’ve learned a thing or two, the experience is valuable, and you’ve gained another topic for conversations. you’ve put your time to good use.

You aren't alone in this battle against oppression. All the hatred toward nonbinary people is not a burden that you must carry yourself.

We nonbinary people are here to support you just as we have supported each other for decades, perhaps even centuries.

You have not been abandoned.

#nonbinarypositivity #nonbinary #lgbtq #exorsexism

c’est encore dur (de m’organiser dans tout ça et de gérer la charge mentale) mais je me récompense émotionnellement d’y arriver à mon niveau (vu le nombre de gens que je connais ça pourrait être un job à temps plein 😶)

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savoir si les gens vont bien, se rappeler de leur écrire à propos de tel ou tel sujet qui les concerne, leur proposer de se voir, et tenir un agenda, tout ça

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J’essaie de faire du emotional labor avec mes IRL et ça se passe bien mais c’est énergivore et chronophage un peu


my career is so full of tragic turns that instead of a CV i send employers a CW

every once in a while after i clean my glasses i wonder how i was ever able to see just moments prior

Je cherche des personnes s'identifiant comme non-binaire sur Mastodon. #nonbinaire #nonbinary

Nonbinary people don't need cis people in order to exist.

We can have children and/or families with each other. We can perform work, create art, harvest food, build homes, and are otherwise capable of having a functioning community without the magical blessing of a cis person.

The only reason we have difficulty doing any of those things now is because cis people actively and violently prevent us.

We are not indebted to cis people.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #exorsexism #cispeople

Rappel: L'Académie Française n'a aucune légitimité (autre que médiatique) ni autorité sur la langue française. Et comme le souligne l'article, pas même les compétences pour écrire un dictionaire.

La France a envoyé une dizaine de blindés de la gendarmerie et de l'armée de terre, ainsi que des centaines de troupes en Guadeloupe pour matter le mouvement social s'opposant au coût encore croissant de la vie, à la gestion sanitaire, etc.

Les gendarmes sont en roue libre, tirent au LBD et à la grenade, parfois assourdissante, sur tout ce qui bouge, interpelle et violente avec brutalité au hasard.

Le couvre-feu a été décrété.

C'est ni plus ni moins qu'une gestion coloniale d'une crise sociale.

Good morning.
I took a walk in the park. The weather hasn't been good lately.

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