it's the weekend before the start of my first week off after leaving my job and i ALREADY feel useless wtf

have i forgotten how to not work?

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what do you call a single member of an eco terrorism group fighting a fascist corporate government? 

An Tifa

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*points at an old married couple* so which one of you is R2 and which one of you is 3PO?

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it’s Halloween again, and you know what THAT means: time for the other skeleton I’m buried alongside to dig me up and play my ribcage like a xylophone, using my femurs as mallets, while every other skeleton in the graveyard frolics and dances. I’ll admit this was funny the first time they did it, but now that this is a yearly thing it doesn’t feel very fair

leaving my job of six+ years soon, and it's prompted me to do some cleanup/organizing in my home office

discovered i have a box of 200 business cards that were ordered for me in my first month. i've still got >190 of them

ordering business cards was part of our onboarding back then. startups are just in no way efficient at all

neat! cool cartoon program called Cowpoke Beepboop or something like that

how is it that be'lakor is really good but also every single song in their catalog sounds like the same song? seems like it would be bad but it's also not?

hwhy did it take me so long to read Gideon the Ninth??? my twitter timeline has been filled with fanart RT'd by follows for a long-ass time but i somehow never even bothered to look it up??? what

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The trolley problem refers to the fact that there is almost no trolley anymore, since we replaced them by personal cars. The trolley solution is to bring back trolleys and reduce the use of cars in city.
Hope this help.

i made a music, i think? i did this to help figuring out how to use my midi controller and how the fuck a DAW works by doing a small production community remix challenge. it's... something!

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yooooooo, wtf is this country and why are all the great hackers from there ???

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computer nerds only want one thing and it's disgusting (become a baker or a gardener or repair planes)

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I dunno really whether I'll end up able to make anything good. but I'll have some fun?

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They say our day is over, they say our time is through, they say you need no union if your collar isn't blue, that is just another lie the boss is telling you, for the Union makes us strong!
They divide us by our color, they divide us by our tongue, they divide us men and women, they divide us old and young, but they'll tremble at our voices when they hear these verses sung, for the Union makes us strong!

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can we please stop pretending the A in LGBTQIA+ stands for "allies" or whatever? it's bullshit. we ALL know what it stands for

ASMR youtubers

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