cyberpunk "pre-owned" limb and implant shop with the exact same energy as a "buy here, pay here" used car lot


@Sapphicgiraffic oh god I just imagine "CASH FOR LIMBS" / predatory payday loans with your limbs as collateral

@Sapphicgiraffic @noelle @catdad NGL it sounds like either a trade-in shop for doggos or just

the worst ad for a cathouse seeking talent

@noelle @catdad @Sapphicgiraffic the fun part about knowing medical history is that i know about the times this happened irl!

with teeth tho mostly. and honestly it wasn't really a title loan situation where you'd get a substantial sum, it was more cost of pulling your tooth was covered if you let it be part of a spectacle for the tooth puller in a travelling medicine show. the REAL profits were when there was a big battle and before any burials you'd just go around stealing the teeth,

@wigglytuffitout @noelle @catdad yeah, i was thinking about that earlier, remembering certain parts of le mis

@AndStatus Another thread that loads in Fedilab but not AndStatus.

@BalooUriza I look at the same conversation from instance using #AndStatus v.55.03
And on opening the conversation I do see lots of posts even without pressing any sync buttons, see screenshot

@catdad i was gonna like sit here and spin a whole elaborate thing for this but i realized Warframe had already done it perfectly with the Solaris and Corpus factions and their formal system of debt slavery for mining operations on Venus

@skootthecat @catdad idk, haven't seen it.

i'm imagining something extremely mundane and trashy. familiar, believable in a way that's deeply upsetting

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