huh...turns out, if you threaten reforms seriously enough, the police start abolishing themselves

LMAO this is what they wanna quit over. The most milquetoast reform

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ah okay here we go, that was a shitty article, this one has more detail.

sad that they can't buy more weapons of war, darn! tbh I would quit too if I got told I wasn't allowed to buy a tank

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DC police already violating the emergency reform bill by using pepper spray today, and I've seen pictures of a few cops hanging around with gas launchers which is also supposedly blocked right now

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aha i see, so it unanimously passed the city council but the mayor hasn't signed so they're all just gonna pretend what they're doing is fine

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@catdad if they want to quite of that it's perfect since you really don't want this kind of ppl in the police...

@catdad can relate, I quit my last job because they wouldn't let me buy nuclear warheads

@catdad lmao all they're basically mad they can't just indiscriminately kill people anymore. there might be a smidgen of oversight over what they do now.

what a bunch of thin skinned fucking pissbabies

@catdad Not being able to hire scumbags from other departments seems to have upset them too.

@catdad the corollary here is that many people become cops specifically because they're above the law and immune to repercussions to their actions

@June oh yes im positive that's exactly why the number is so high

@catdad here in Toronto, the police simply (largely) stopped enforcing traffic laws in response to a budget freeze years ago and the loss of ticket revenue has become a small but persistent City budget hole.

Some councillors are pushing to cut the police budget by 10%, which is kind of a milquetoast gesture towards defunding/abolition (tho biggest cut in...decades? ever?), but on the other hand, even that might cause the police to flounce out in indignation. 5D chess here.

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