would folks who organize protests/marches/actions be interested in a scheduling/planning web front-end to:

- put pins on a map for action locations
- assign info abput where and what is happening there, who to contact, etc
- show upcoming actions & able to view map+info
- perhaps also a sign-up sheet thing so multiple users of the system can say "yes i plan to go to this"

I started tinkering on an action planner front-end because using a purely text/spreadsheet type setup feels difficult to me. But also realizing it's not very helpful to build a thing then be like "here, do you want it?", without getting input on what to even build

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@catdad the first one is an extremely bad idea. that info should only be shared amongst people in person until it's appropriate to make it more public.

as for the rest.. i've seen it done successfully with sandstorm for Ottawa IWW General Defense Committee.

@lyliawisteria my point of reference is mostly planning support for actions during the week ahead. The locations are written in text form on the schedule already. The map is just convenience for data that's already known. and also its not publicly available, just to folks who are organizing together

@catdad I don't know if you know about it, but you might like @mobilizon! :eyethink:

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